Blog #5

The website is slowly putting itself together. Andy was really able to break down what he was looking for in a presentation. Along with that, I looked up the handout closely to see what questions need to be answered and how I can relate them back to the overall theme. Speaking about theme, it’s been […]

Blog post #5 – Progress on final project

My website for the final project, at this point, is almost done. I’ve included all of the elements required by the outline provided. The only things I have left to do are finish up a few of my pages, and come up with some ways to make my site unique. I’ve have been fairly successful […]

Blog #5 – Final Portfolio

Sofia Penaylillo As the due date for this final portfolio approaches, the farther I wish I was in perfecting it.  My original thought process for this portfolio wasn’t too concentrated on the appearance because I thought that it would always come together the way I imaged. Now a week away from needed to present it, […]

Blog #5 – Final Portfolio, Nick Fischbach

With the semester wrapping up, I think I’m finally mentally prepared to arrange my final portfolio.  The hardest aspect will probably be deciding which photos to use.  I personally wish there would have been like a week or so of the photo-a-day assignment at the end where the prompt was open because I’ve taken quite […]

Blog Post #5

Self-censorship is insanely prevalent, I believe it’s due to the world we live in today as well as how loud the voices of the Millenials are about the topic. Now more than ever, people are being forced to be so incredibly politically correct that the issue of self-censoring is now not being used by few […]

Blog – Final Portfolio

As far as the final project is concerned, I think I know what I am doing. While I don’t think that my work on the photo a day has shown marked progression I do think that certain photos do express my eye more than others. I prefer surrealist stuff maybe even bordering on absurdist. There […]

Blog Post #5: Final Portfolio

With the due date for our final portfolio coming near as is our last week of class, I have had the chance to analyze and go over all my previous work from throughout the semester. Something I find appealing about this project in particular is the chance I have to layout the content I’ve created, […]

Blog #5

With our final portfolios due in a week, mine is still a working progression. I’ve made progress since Blog #4 but it is still in the heart of production. So far I’ve completed my introduction section which includes a picture from the “self portrait” photo-a-day theme, a quick paragraph on why I took this course […]

Blog Post #5

I have begun to work on my website, creating tangible progress no matter how hard or difficult it is to navigate WordPress’s awkward and geriatric online infrastructure. I have made websites before, including my photography website,, but all of them have been on squarespace which I think is a lot more fluid of a […]

Last Blog Avery Gollnick

For our final projects, we were asked to create a webpage highlighting our various production assignments over the course of the semester. As of writing this blog, I honestly haven’t completed much of my website but I believe I have a solid start. I want to base my interface as a minimally designed flaneurist center […]