Reading Response #1 The Screening of America

The Screening of America by A.O Scott, started off asking a interesting question that I think a lot of non-millennial film lovers often ask too. That is- does checking my technology like text messages, emails, voicemails etc. during a movie effect my experience of the movie? The reason this is such a good question is […]

Reading Response #1

From the Golden Age of Cinema to present day, a lot of things have changed in the way we consume, interpret, and analyze media. Through our first weeks of classes we have focused our attention on the social construction of media through reading materials, in-class lectures and video clips. In A. O  Scott’s “The Screening […]

Reading Response #1, Berger

Berger begins his book with the thought, “The child looks and recognizes before he can speak.” With this one claim, he is almost proving his whole idea behind Ways of Seeing. When a human being is entered into this world, he/she doesn’t know how to communicate vocally through language yet. However, without a real understanding, he/she immediately starts to […]

Reading Response #1 Berger

The visual sense has long been seen as the most important to experience art. As we develop technology that allows for changing the way we experience the visual realm. How does this effect our experience? John Berger explores this idea in his essay “Ways Of Seeing”. Not only does technology effect our experience of art, […]

Reading Response to “The Screening of America”

A.O. Scott’s article analyzes and discusses how new media has changed, if not destroyed, the old way of consuming media. He cites the extreme variety of choice we now have in the way we consume media, whether it’s radio, television, or the internet and all of the different devices we can use to access media […]

Reading Response #1- The Screening of America

Scott brings up an issue that has gradually become more prevalent as technologies advance and there become more avenues to present different narrative styles. More specifically, he suggests that with swift production and short narratives cluttering up the internet, IMAX and 3-D formats consequently become the gold standard for movie studios, thus completely changing how […]

Reading Response #1

In Screening of America by Scott, he discussed the idea that movies are no longer special or important because of television. However, I disagreed with that stance. Movies are still an event, if you look at Jurassic World, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Hunger Games, all those movies had enormous box office weekends and millions […]

Reading Response Berger

In the reading “The Way of Seeing,” John Berger immediately brings up the point that all images are man made, even going further to say especially photographs. I agree with this claim because it explains the connection of seeing and sharing a reproduction of what you choose to selectively see. A big part of visual […]

The Way We Live Now

                                                        In the The New York Times article, The Screening of America, A.O Scott gives a historical chronology of media consumption. He begins with the initial invention of television […]

Henry Krass- Reading Response 1, Berger

In the 29 pages that Berger provides his detailed opinion on the ways of seeing, he implies implicitly that art is not longer the same as what it once was.  I agree with Berger on this front, however I do not share his same negative view on the changing of art and the ways of […]