Reading Response 2

“The death of the Cyberflâneur” by Evgeny Morozov is about Morozov’s journey to find out what happened to the Cyberflâneur. Morozov talks about how the Flaneur likes to be alone, but he needs crowds to thrive. “The art that the flâneur masters is that of seeing without being caught looking,” says the Polish sociologist Zygmunt […]

Blog #5

I have started my work on the final portfolio project and it is coming along nicely.  I am creating my site using the website generator because I was unable for some reason to set up a website in WordPress.  Wix has many tools and options to use to create a good website, and it […]

Final Portfolio Blog #1

I have only started the process of thinking about my portfolio project. I seems very difficult to combine a semesters worth of work into one website. I have begun the process of think about what I pictures or visual aspects I would like to incorporate into my webpages. It seems very difficult for me to […]

Final Portfolio Blog Post #2

I am almost completely done with my final portfolio for my intro to contemporary media course. This project has been proven to consume quite a bit of time. My production process is extremely slow because I have been very indecisive about the certain aesthetic that I am trying to portray in my website. It is […]

Reading Response #3: Replacing Place

In Replacing Place by William J. Mitchell, the author discusses the  impact of virtual places. These “places” began with the growing internet and new commercial online services, that soon created cyberspace by setting up different “places” and “rooms” where people could “enter” to interact with others. This means people can socialize in their own room, […]

Blog #3: Locative Media Project

I have completed the entire Locative Media Project. I had many different successes and struggles in the project. In the beginning of the project, the setup was a struggle. I did not really understand the instructions and how to create pretty much anything. I talked to a classmate, who helped me get setup, and then […]

Reading Response #4: Warcraft Adventures/Film Live

Machinima was introduced in the 1980s hacker culture, and is defined as “animated filmmaking within a real-time virtual 3D environment.” Machinima, the word made from ‘machine’ and ‘cinema’, is a production technique that uses the animations created by real-time 3D engines, like computer games, to make cinema movies of computer animation. This production form has […]

Reading Response #5: Territory as Interface by Longford

Territory as Interface by Michael Longford discusses the relationships between physical communities tied with technologies. The Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN), launched in 2004, explores the connections between human beings, urban wilderness settings, and mobile technologies. The research network is made up of designers, engineers, and communication scholars who create projects to better understand how […]

Blog#4: Final Portfolio #1

I am in the process of creating my final portfolio. I am about halfway done- I have finished some of the responses but need to finish more. I have also created a website, and done the designs, but I have not put any information on it yet. The difficulties I have had have been with […]

Blog #5: Final Portfolio

I am done with my Final Portfolio, in fact, I just presented it. Finishing the project, the only thing I struggled with was completing the last question on the final response. It was worded very weird and took me a while to figure out how to answer it. Despite that, the rest of the production […]