Locative Media

I was unable to get my partners locative media app to work.  It was located around varsity lake on campus, and I am sure he computer tested it and it was fine, so it may have been a technological issue on my end. Here is the link to my own project:  http://the.appfurnace.com/test/JXUBf/

Reading Response #3 Rebecca Suby-Long

What Happened to Our Audience is a scholarly article that was published in the Journal of Radio Studies in 2007. It begins talking about the decline of terrestrial radio and how other forms of media are taking its place. Researchers wanted to know why this shift was occurring, so they created two focus groups to […]

Reading Response #3 – What Happened to our Audience?

While reading the article, “What Happened to our Audience?”, a lot of things in the article caught my attention by how the authors phrased certain ideas and points in the article. One of the first ones that caught my attention was on page 93 when the authors state, “…the concept that the media is used […]

Reading Response #3

Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones onPersonal Photographic Practices, by Lisa Gye, discusses mobile media, and more specifically, the impact of cameras in mobile phones.  We take our phones with us wherever we go, which means we always have a camera on us, so there are so many chances to take a photo.  […]

Jonah McGuinness Reading response 3

The article, “Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices,” by Lisa Gye takes a look at the current social uses of personal photography and the impact camera phones will have on current social uses. The article also talks about new ways camera phones enable new modes of personal photography. Picture […]

Reading Response #3

In the text “Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices” Gye examines how having cameras in our phones that we carry with us at all times has changed how we take pictures.  At first, Gye examines why people take photographs in the first place and explains that the “desire to […]

Reading response 3

One of the greatest technological innovations the world had ever seen was the emergence of the radio. The radio had an enormous impact on our society, as well as survived countless attacks from newer alternatives over the decades. It wasn’t until the birth of television did radio have anyone to compete with, and with a […]

Reading Response #3, Nicholas Ruskey

This week I read: Albarran: “What Happened to Our Audience.” I found the article to be very interesting and informative on the reasons for the movement away from AM and FM radio and towards MP3 players and subscription sources of radio. The article discussed many studies and then even conducted one of its own, finding […]

Reading Response #3

According to the article, “‘What Has Happened to Our Audience?’ Radio and New Technology Uses and Gratifications Among Young Adult Users” young audiences of music are moving away from the traditional FM/AM radio.  Young people are moving towards MP3 files to listen and discover their music, rather than the radio.  These new audio experiences “offer […]

Blog Post #3

So for the locative media project, I haven’t really started working on it yet. I wasn’t in class last recitation and apparently we set up some app for the project. So far it seems that I have more catching up to do rather than planning the project. However, while taking a break from worrying about catching […]