Blog post #1

So far, the photo-a-day assignment has been going pretty well. I really like the whole concept of taking a photo-a-day. It isn’t that hard of an assignment to do, but it makes you really focus and think of a creative and interesting idea everyday to get a good photo. Regarding the stages of setting it […]

Blog Post #1

The first photo assignment started off quite rough, and at the end I believe that I fell short with the number of pictures that I uploaded.  Technical difficulties aside, I think that this project has a lot of potential to be a great one. The first photo I took of dorm life was right after […]

Blog Post #1 Photo-a-day Week 2 Alex Lightman

I have now completed the second week of the photo-a-day assignment.  At first, I was very confused about this assignment.  I started posting my photos to Instagram, but realized I was using the wrong hashtag, and after a few days I found it hard to remember to upload every day, but fortunately I could just […]

Blog Post #1- Rebecca Suby-Long

So far I think that the Photo-a-Day project has been going well. I already take a fair amount of pictures in my everyday life, so the college life week was pretty easy. It was fun to capture things that are so a part of my college life like hanging out and playing soccer, being at […]

Blog Post#1 Photo-a-day

I’ve been working on my photo-a-day for this entire week. At first I was puzzled by the topic of “family”. I had no idea how to take photo of family while you are so far away from home; but then I realized there are actually families everywhere around us. Since I decided to get creative, […]

Blog Post – Photo – A- Day – Family

After clearing up the confusion surrounding the Photo-A- Day assignment, I jumped into it with the week’s theme of family. Well, being a commuter student who lives at home with her single mother and two toddler like dogs, my pictures have mostly consisted of my furry little brothers. Bandit and Thumper are the stars of […]


So far in this project I have been trying to find a way to make my pictures a little more professional. The assignment is to post photos onto Instagram and Flickr; however, I am trying to make my portfolio look as if it weren’t just someone’s Instagram page. My process for this project involves brainstorming […]

Week 2 Reading Response: Nicholas Ruskey

For this week I chose to respond to the article on politeness and interactions towards computers by Byron Reeves and Clifford Nass. I found this article to be particularly interesting in the way it showed that people really do have a sense of politeness when it comes to interacting with computers. The article talked about […]

Blog #1 Photo-a-day Kelly Galloway

The photo a day project has been interesting to say the least. My progress toward completing the project is now amazing: I have more photos submitted on my Flickr and Instagram than needed at the moment. I have had a lot of fun walking around campus and taking an extra moment to look at things in […]

Blog #1 Jonah McGuinness

The current project I am working on in class is the Photo-a-Day project. This project has opened my eyes into the photography world in many ways one being how I edit pictures. When I usually post pictures to Instagram I simply click on the picture and press okay. While using Flickr and Instagram for this […]