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Blog #1- Anna Morgenthaler

As I write this I currently have 6 of the 7 pictures taken, and posted, for the Photo-a-Day #2 assignment. Thus far I feel satisfied with my work. I feel that photos are creative, and that they convey what family means to me and where I find it throughout my life. My greatest difficulties with […]

Blog Post 1- Phoenix Vaughan-Ende

Phoenix Vaughan-Ende Professor Andrew Young Intro to Contemporary Media Cultures 21 September 2017 Blog One Currently I am working on the Found Footage project. I just finished a two minute song that will accompany my video. It has lots of samples and adlibs from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (which is also what I’m planning […]

Blog Post #1

I am currently working on both the photo-a-day weekly assignments and found footage assignment due next week. For my found footage project I have made a little bit of progress in the planning aspect of the project before I begin to actually put it all together. The difficult part of this project is deciding what […]

Blog #1 Julie Abjean

Thus far, the photo-a-day assignment has taken most of my attention in class. I’ve completed the first week and I’m almost ready to upload my photos for week 2. Week one was fun. I liked trying to document what it was like to live in my apartment. There’s always a little bit of a mess, […]

Blog Post #1 – Photo-a-day “Family”

So far I have enjoyed the photo-a-day project. It is cool to think about one given theme in 7 different ways (assuming all of the photos are somewhat different). As far as week 2’s theme of “Family”, I think things went pretty well. I was able to submit what I thought constitutes as family to […]

Blog #1: Nathan A. Connolly- Family Photos

I found this weeks “photo of the day” topic to be very enjoyable, as well as challenging. Being almost one thousand miles away from home, it was difficult for me to take pictures that reminded me of my family. This weeks task forced me to be more creative, and to look outside the box, and […]

Blog #1

This week’s production assignment that I’m talking about is the Photo-a-day assignment. This week’s theme was family and I had a little harder time with this week than the first week. I realized that my family isn’t much of an artistic type (except for me) and doesn’t really like being pictured either; I tried the […]

Blog Post #1

The current production assignment is currently the found footage assignment which is by far the most interesting assignment I’ve been given since my start at CU. Our task is to take unoriginal footage and turn it into something that it isn’t supposed to be. For example, if we found a music video, turn it into […]

Blog Post #1: Sam Brown

The project we are currently working on is the photo-a-day project. The goal of the project is to take 1 photo per day of something relating to the weekly topic. Our first week the topic was college/dorm life and this week it was family based. Overall, I’ve had a great experience with this project so […]

Blog Post #1: Tanner Hartwick-Photo a day

Tanner Hartwick Blog Post #1 My progress so far on the photo-a-day project is great! I’ve been keeping up with the amount of photos I need to take per week and really trying new techniques and looking at capturing whatever I’m looking in a new perspective. Some of the difficulties I’ve been running into is […]