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Blog Post 2- Phoenix Vaughan-Ende

Phoenix Vaughan-Ende Professor Andrew Young Intro to Contemporary Media Cultures 28 September 2017 Blog Post 2 I recently finished my found footage project. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I spent a long time making the song and then editing the video to the song. I pieced together lots of different clips from […]

Blog #2: Found Footage Assignment

Using Adobe Photoshop Pro I’ve started to piece together the ideas and materials I’m going to use for my Found Footage assignment. When first given the prompt, I immediately loved the idea of making a music video for a dubstep song that had visuals that had nothing to do with the artist, song, or genre […]

Photo-a-Day Blog

The Photo-a-Day assignment has been both fun and challenging for me. I recently got a Shetland Sheepdog puppy called Pippa and I love doing everything with her. She is a happy go lucky creature and does anything to keep my roommate and me happy. Although it is a lot of responsibility in terms of affording […]

Blog #2 William Brewer

I had lots of trouble this week and I only had myself to blame for it. I started telling my film knowledgeable roommate about this project and also my actress friend that came up with a great story within a few days. She discussed it with the both of us  separately and then we converged […]

Blog post #2 Anthony Camacci

My progress for the found footage project so far has honestly been slow. I guess my problem is being able to pick a clip or a few that would go well together. Despite everything there is on the internet, I still am having a problem being able to pick out a few select clips for […]

Matthew von Tscharner – Blog #2

The project that I am writing my second blog post for is the third Photo-A-Day assignment. This week’s subject for pictures is “Self-Portrait”. At first, I thought this was going to be an extremely broad and easy task to work at, but as each day went on, I found myself spending more and more time […]

Blog Post #1, Alex Edwards

The current project I am working on is the Photo-a-Day project. The basic principal is to take a picture a day, what a shock. The last week I struggled with the subject, as it had to do with family. This was a struggle for me due to the fact that most of my family is […]

Fletcher Blog post 1

As I began working on the found footage video last week I started messing around with the program premier. I had no former use of this program until last week but I still managed to conjure up a short video. With the found footage I wanted to make a short dark comedy about nuclear bombs […]

Blog Post #1 Noah Thacker

One of the draw backs of new media is that, at times, it can be very frustrating. That is how I feel about my photo-a-day projects. I am not a person to take pictures every day and post them on social media sites. Take this weeks assignment for example. When I was with my family […]