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Blog Post #2

This weeks photo-a-day topic was “Self Portrait,” which I initially assumed to be fairly simple, however that was not the case. I had to try to look at my self from a different perspective, and think about how the world perceives me. To show what I experience every day in class as your typical CU […]

Blog Post #2 – Sanders

First of all, let me say I am really enthralled for this project. I have been into editing videos on iMovie and other lower quality programs since I can remember. That being said, I am a rookie to Premiere. I have been using the last week of my free time to learn how to use this […]

Blog Post #2 Jake Trujillo

This week I have been working on the found footage project. In my senior year of high school I took a film class and we did a project similar to this, except I believe we called it a ‘mashup’ project or something along those lines. For that, I took the song Me and Your Mama by Childish […]

Blog #2- Anna Morgenthaler

I have made some sufficient progress with my Found Footage assignment. I found, and collected the footage I wished to use, and have strung these clips together into a coherent video which depicts some of the dangers of genetically modified foods. I have not attempted to apply audio to my video yet. I had some […]

Blog Post #2 Noah Thacker

I really hate the photo a day project because it takes a lot of effort for me to stop my day and what I’m doing to take a picture. If I am not on the bus to school or actually at school I am going to work. This week was especially difficult because I had […]

Blog #2

This week’s photo-a-day assignment was “selfie”. This week was a little more difficult because I do not consider myself a creative type. It was hard to portray myself in a way that reflects me without taking a typical selfie. I’ve also found that all the “creative” ways that I’ve learned to take photos have become […]

Alex Edwards, Blog Post #2

This week, I will be discussing the found footage project. Most of what I will discuss has to do with what I am thinking about doing, not actual production. To be honest, I have no clue where to start. I have so many ideas. I’ve thought of adapting films that have been released to send […]

Blog Post #2

This week I have been working on both the photo-a-day assignment and the found footage project. It has been a difficult week with other assignments from other classes so I have not completed as much as I would have liked with the found footage project. Although, it was nice to have found all the video […]

Blog Post #2 – Photo-A-Day & Found Footage Projects

In the photo-a-day project I am doing much better than I was last time I wrote a blog. I’m remembering to take a photo each day, and I’m thinking more creatively on how I want to portray whatever my subject is. I’m having a lot of fun with it and learning so much in class […]

Blog #2 Taylor Passios

Once I started coming across footage for my original idea, I completely changed course with my project. I described my idea in my last blog post as a comedic take on food that was inspired by an Instagram page that I saw. My problem with it, though, was that it is difficult for me to […]