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Blog post #3 Anthony Camacci

So far my progress with the locative music project is going decently well. I don’t really have any experience with garage band so I’ve been spending a majority of my time trying to figure out how it works and what buttons do what. Im getting more used to how it all works, but I think […]

Sam Brown Reading Response #3

During week 7 we read an article titled, “Picture This: The Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices” by Lisa Gye. This article was a very eye opening article and brought up many valid points. It talks about the art of personal photography, and how it is being changed or altered due to […]

Blog Post #2

As I posted my previous blog post about the found footage assignment, this blog seemed to be better used to talk about the photo-a-day project. As I have been taking photos over the past week, it has opened my mind to different strategies of accomplishing various visual aesthetics and themes. Having previously indulged in photography, […]

Fletcher Evilsizer Blog Post 2

This week I was mainly focusing on the Photo A day assignment. For this weeks pictures we had to take self portraits. I wanted to completely stray from the original selfie, so I had people take pictures of me when I was doing different activities. Most of the pictures taken of me were pictures of […]

Blog #2

This week was a big production week for me. With daily photos, and the found footage assignment deadline approaching, I tried my best to get a lot of the work done early. On Wednesday, I spent almost 6 hours in Norlin Library creating my found footage video. At the time, I thought it was due […]

Blog Post #1

This week I have been working on the found footage video assignment. I initially found it really difficult to get started on because I didnt have a clear idea of what I wanted to use. I spent a long time sorting through the found footage folder with no real direction. Once I decided that I […]

Blog Post #1

The whole photo-a-day project is actually pretty cool because I have a friend from home who is really into photography and videography. He tries to mostly keep his work to rooftop photos of Chicago and music festivals; this project kind of inspired me to think more about what my perspective is, and what I want […]

Blog #1: Photo-A-Day

During the past two weeks, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the current Photo-A-Day project. This week, with the topic of “Family”, I decided to plan out some photos. With a friend visiting from home, we had tons of plans to hike and see Colorado. My first photo is a photo of my dog that I have on […]

Blog Post #2

The Photo-A-Day project has been going really well. I still am unsure of my own ideas for my photos, though. I totally lack any imagination with some of my photos, almost like writer’s block. I think this happens because we have themes each week, which I like, but it forces me to evaluate what exactly […]

Blog Post #2

This week I have been working on the Photo-A-Day project. I have been having some serious issues with my flicker account, and had to remake it twice in order for it to work. Despite the problems I have had with flicker, it does seem like a good way to view photos and I learned you […]