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Blog 3

This week and next week in class we are working on the Locative Media project. I have yet to start the project, so it is difficult to discuss my progress thus far, other than on a mental level. I plan to dive into the project this weekend and I’m excited to see how it turns […]

Blog Post #3

When I first started this semester I really didn’t like the photo-a-day project. It was a hindrance I really didn’t have time for between school and work. Now that I am in the middle of the semester I really hate the photo-a-day project. I am mostly still too busy to stop and take pictures, but I […]

Blog Post #3, Alex Edwards

The Locative media project seems interesting. I have some ideas on what to do with it, but can’t help but feel they may not be as feasible as I think they are. My plan is to go to the UMC’s memorial section and overlay sound from the pacific war over my video. After that, I […]

Sam Brown Blog Post #3

For this production assignment, I taught all of you how to train your very own squirrel. I filmed this short tutorial at my friend’s house and edited within Premiere Pro. This was quite the challenge to film because squirrels are next to impossible to work with. Another challenging aspect was the length. Because it had […]

Blog Post #3 – Locative Media

For the locative media project, I have had a hard time planning exactly what I want to do. I have several ideas of spaces I’d like to record but I’m having a hard time coming up with a story or a creative way to present each space. So far, I am narrowing it down to […]

Matthew von Tscharner – Blog Post 3

The project that I chose to write on for blog post 3 is the Photo-a-Day 7. The objective of this shoot is to take pictures from the perspective of the ground. These photos can be from any angle, just as long as it is centered from the ground. The first step I took towards completing […]

Blog Post #3 – Kelsey Mullins

I have not started the locative media project yet so I am writing this blog post on last week’s Instagram Tutorial. I made a tutorial on “how to make a waffle.” I thought I was going to have trouble getting to the time limit, but I actually ended up shooting way too much footage and […]

Blog #3- Kelsey Cloud- Locative Media

In all honesty, I am struggling with the locative media project. While I understand conceptually how things are supposed to work, I don’t understand a lot of the logistics and specifics of how to use technology to achieve my goals. As of right now, I have a foundation of ideas that I want to use […]

Blog #3- Anna Morgenthaler

For the Locative Media assignment, I have chosen my location and content for both the story tracks, and the atmosphere tracks. My Location is going to be Norlin Quad, with the focal point being the Robert Frost statue that sits outside of Old Main. I want my walk through to depict the change in seasons, […]

Fletcher Evilsizer Blog Post 3

I have been putting in lots of thought about this project and how I am going to complete it. I want to record the sound of the UMC courtyard. As I was walking through this area yesterday there was a kid playing a guitar and I thought that might make for a perfect recording. Although, […]