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Blog Post #4 – Photo a day

It is crazy to think that the photo-a-day assignment has already concluded. Photos have always played a major role in media whether it is for journalism, magazine use, documentaries, and more. This assignment has, in a way, changed the way I look at photography. I like to consider myself an aspiring photographer so this semester-long […]

Sam Brown Blog Post #4

The past few weeks in class we have been working on our final portfolio websites. The website contains several of our projects from over the semester, all compiled into one platform where all your work can be viewed. I really like this project and the idea of it because there were no real guidelines to […]

Blog 4 – Matthew von Tscharner

The assignment that I chose to write for this week’s blog post is the last photo a day project. For the assignment, we have to take panoramas on off campus locations that have people featured in them. The progress I have made has been taking a lot of photos on the Hill and other locations […]

Blog 4- Kelsey Cloud

In regards to the Final Portfolio I have made a good amount of progress in the organization of my WordPress and organizing the details of how I’m going to talk about aspects of the semester in a succinct, concise way. In the introduction, I have chosen which photo I’m going to use and have written […]

Blog #2: Locative Media

Jacob Trujillo   The locative media project is one of the more interesting projects I’ve done in this class. It certainly takes all the little intricate details of a film or media project and instead has you focus on a much more broad aspect, recording a space and creating a “tour” of it through audio. […]

Blog #3

As far as the locative media project, I am a bit stuck on an overall idea of what to implement. I am thinking just something simple like music to add. I guess I am just a bit confused overall, to be honest. I researched locative media online and all I was able to come up […]

Blog #3

This weeks photo a day assignment was about taking pictures from the ground, and to view the world from a different perspective. I truly enjoyed this weeks photo a day assignment because this is something I like to do whenever I do take pictures because it not only lets me see things differently, but it […]

Blog #3

The How To Video went great, for the project I made a video about how to put a shoe on. I started by taking some close up and far shots of my friend putting her shoe on, I then edited it all together adding some titles to say what was going on in the video. […]

Blog Post #3 Sydney Lashmet

It’s an interesting concept to think about listening to speakers playing what we’re supposed to hear. I understand we do it every day unconsciously, but videos like the one we viewed in recitation or the Virtual Barber Shop freak me out because of technology advancing in different types of ways, but when the host of […]

Blog Post #3

The assignment i am currently working on is the Photo-a-day #7 project. I have taken photos from the ground level perspective for each day this week. I enjoyed this weeks assignment because normally we do not think to take pictures from this perspective. I usually hardly see photos taken from the ground level perspective but […]