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Blog 5- Kelsey Cloud

For the final portfolio I have definitely made more progress since the last blog post last Friday. Since last Friday, I have designed the layout of my website and have organized every section in a creative way. I’ve made my entire home page, which consists of a slideshow of pictures and gifs that relate to […]

Leah Ashley: Blog #5 Censorship

As an artist I am a giant advocate for free speech; its one of the most relevant things to my work reaching other people. To the extent that I’ll even defend “hate” speech because actions always defy words. If something said is in poor taste to me personally I always remember if that person is […]

Fletcher Evilsizer Blog post #5

I have been taking quite a bit of time thinking about my locative media project and my final portfolio. I want to add my locative media to my portfolio because it is not only required but it was also probably my favorite project we did all semester. I really enjoyed how I got to use […]

Blog #3

This week I began planning my Locative Media project, “Assignment 4”. Brainstorming and planning this assignment so far has been a lot more difficult than the previous assignments in CMDP 1400 so far. I think this is because creating a scene and tour through a space audibly is a challenge i’ve never faced before. It […]

Blog #5 William Brewer

As  I looked over the guidelines of the final assignment it all seemed very reasonable until the end where it said it would take 10-15 hours to complete. This took me by suprise because I have taken a class in which we easily made a decent looking website from nothing in under 15 hours. I […]

von Tscharner Blog #5

The project that I chose to write on for my fifth blog post this week is the final project for the class. This project consists of creating our own website to showcase work from throughout the semester. I chose to write on this because it is our last project of the semester and I find […]

Alex Edwards, Blog Post #4

This week’s blog will be focusing on the final project that we have to complete for this class. And by project, I mean portfolio. And by portfolio, I mean a website created using wordpress. I am actually kind of excited for this, as I have created a website with wordpress before way back in high […]

Fletcher Evilsizer Blog #4

Today I began constructing my final portfolio. It will be interesting to see what I can come up with, because I am not very familiar with word press and am not quite sure how to make my own blog. I might need to get some extra help to create my blog. Although, I have been […]

Blog 4- Phoenix Vaughan-Ende

Phoenix Vaughan-Ende Intro to Contemporary Media Cultures 4 December 2017 Blog 4      So far building the website has been smooth. I’m using Wix; it’s very intuitive and easy to understand. The process has been pretty fun. I started by deciding what I wanted my site to look like. From there, I made the […]

Blog Post 4 Anthony Camacci

This weeks theme for the photo a day project was to bring an object of significance to take pictures of. I couldn’t think of an object at first so I tried thinking about something other than my phone or my clothes that I thought I took more care of than something I would consider normal. […]