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Blog #5

My final portfolio production assignment is in the format of a WordPress website and will be titled “Season 3 Episode 2” website. I been piecing together the various components and building a rough graph for about a week. For me, the most efficient way to complete the assignment is to finish the writing portions first […]

Blog Post #5 Anthony Camacci

So far, I have made decent progress on the final portfolio. Picking out photos from my flickr was actually a harder decision than I thought it would be. Besides that, my biggest concerns are incorporating a class theme into my project. Also, how I will display my locative media project. I’m still not sure what […]

Blog Post #5 Noah Thacker

My final project for this class is actually really terrifying for me. I am not great at building websites. The very few I have build always had technical issues and were very frustrating to get to work. Also, I am not very creative in general. I am a simple man and like things that way. So […]

Blog 5- Phoenix Vaughan-Ende

Phoenix Vaughan-Ende Intro to Contemporary Media Cultures 8 December 2017 Blog 5     My website project has still been going relatively well. My main focus since the last blog post has been design. I figured out what aesthetic and color scheme I want to use. I’ve also started my different pages layout and format. […]

Blog Post #5 – Kelsey Mullins

This week I continued to work on the portfolio website. I had a bit of a setback because I used Square Space and my free trial expired. I didn’t realize I would be completely locked out of my website after a month, and I did not want to pay $70 to unlock it. I decided […]

Blog #5: Final Portfolio 2

Jacob Trujillo Last week I did a blog post on the introduction of the final portfolio and this week I’ve dove into the heart of the project a little more. I’ve worked on the 6 photos that have changed my eye over the semester and for this, I really enjoyed it because I was surprised […]

Blog Post #5

This semester has been absolutely amazing learning all sorts of new information and techniques in different types of media. My projects all semester have come together very well and I’m proud of the way they came out. I can look at them through out the semester and see how my different techniques and angles have […]

Blog Post 5 – Shane Cohen

In this weeks lectures we discussed censorship and how it is such a subjective topic. We asked the question what really is censorship? How are we all affected by it in this media centric global community? Michael Anti’s Ted Talks on China-net was particularly interesting as he discussed “Netizens” or citizens of the Internet. China […]

Blog #5- Anna Morgenthaler

For the final portfolio I have selected the template on Wix for my website and have started designing and putting contents onto my site. I have selected most of the photos I plan to use in my portfolio and have begun outlining my responses to the required questions. I have been struggling with how to […]

Last Blog Post – Portfolio

My portfolio is coming along, slowly but surely as I create it in WordPress. I had some initial problems with the site as far as being able to update my content on to one of the templates allowed to me but through some dialogue with an expert I was able to work through it. I […]