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Blog post #1

As of now, I would say my progress with the photo a day project is going well. I have been able to keep up and post a photo almost everyday, occasionally posting two a day. My biggest success has been not running out of ideas to take pictures of. After the fourth or fifth picture […]

Blog #1

William Brewer The video audio project has really peaked my interest. I see it as an opportunity to create something I can call my own and be proud to show it. Im sure it would be easy to find people willing to help with video editing, and easy to not as well. See, my worry […]

Matthew “Chi Chi” von Tscharner – Blog Post #1

The project that I am writing about for first blog post is my second installation of the Photo-A-Day project. The first step of progress that I have made has been brainstorming on how to approach the prompt of family. I also researched iPhone photography to try to improve how I use my phone to create […]

Blog #1: Photo a Day

The Photo a Day assignment that challenges students to take a picture a day every day for the length of the semester has thus far been a really engaging assignment for me. When I was originally told to take a picture every day for a semester I was really intimidated (and frankly still am), but […]

Blog #1 Taylor Passios

Last week, I saw something on my Instagram that I thought was super hilarious. This Instagram page is called xratedeats and posts small funny clips of delicious meals with hip hop music in the background that in a way sexualizes food, but not in an inappropriate way at all; just makes it look extra delicious […]

Blog Post #1 Shane Cohen

So far in class I’ve been very interested in the Kino-eye and how we choose to not only perceive the world through the lens, but also how we portray it. I’ve been thinking about this as I move forward with the “Photo-A-Day” assignment and trying to ignite a new perspective on how we see our […]

Blog Post #1

Over the past few days I’ve been taking a photo a day and trying to upload them punctually. Taking the picture itself isn’t to difficult but just simply remember to take the picture and then upload it has been the most difficult part so far. However as far as taking the picture goes I have […]

Blog Post #2

  Eli Fuchs Blog Post #2   The Photo-a-day assignment for this week is self-portraits. At first I thought the idea was to just take pictures of ourselves and post them but I realized it can mean so much more than that. I had trouble thinking of things that I could take pictures of that […]

Blog post #1

Eli Fuchs CMDP 1400 9/21/17   Blog Post #1   A current project that we are working on in class is the photo-a-day project. Last week’s theme was college/dorm life and I really enjoyed taking pictures of things I normally wouldn’t have. I successfully took a photo every day and uploaded it to the flickr […]

EXAMPLE: Blog Post – Media Ethics

So far I’ve been making great progress working on my “Photo-a-Day” assignment, and finished up this week’s theme of “Family.” I took photos of a number of family members, and there were a few that really made me think quite a bit about how I relate to the rest of my family (particularly how my […]