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Final Blog Post

I am really enjoying putting together the final portfolio. For the project I am using Wix; for I feel as though it has a more professional look. I have already started formatting the website, now all I have to do is curate the photos and add the little blurps. I don’t think it will take […]

Blog Post #5 Matt Shanahan

We only just began to discuss self censorship in class. Self censorship is defined as the act of censoring or classifying one’s own blog, book, film, or other forms of media. This is done out of fear of, or deference to, the sensibilities or preferences (actual or perceived) of others and without overt pressure from […]

Blog Post #5 – Zeb Estrada

250 words I have made much more progress with my final portfolio project than from last week. Like I mentioned in my fourth blog post, choosing the template would be time consuming for me because I want to make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing and makes the most sense to showcase my work that I […]

Blog Post 5- Andres Familiar

Although I haven’t really started my final portfolio, I didn’t have much trouble doing the panorama, so it was a very fun week of taking pictures. The only trouble I had while taking these pictures this week was making everyone in the picture stay still. Panoramas are very nice ways to take pictures and definitely […]

Blog #5 – Jenna Parks

New issues have been coming up as I continue to work on my website for the final project. While at first glance the wordpress interface seems pretty easy to use when creating the website, once you start to try and change small details of the page, things become more difficult. For example, on the front […]

Blog Post #5

Panorama photos are something I have been doing for a couple of years ever since it was available to the iPhone. I like that it allows you to get a full perspective (panorama) of an image that you want to capture. I did struggle this week in my photo a day with have multiple people […]

Blog Post #5: Final-Project #2 Matthew Rivera

As I progress with making my final project, I have selected Wix and am formatting the webpage and then have narrowed down to my favorite photos of each different week. As I look for ways I have grown as a photographer, I really don’t see it and think the good pictures may actually be dumb […]

Blog #5

Throughout the process of creating my final portfolio, I have considered my use of self-censorship while creating a website that will be displayed publically. Self-censorship can be defined as the “control of what you say or do in order to avoid annoying or offending others, but without being told officially that such control is necessary”. […]

Blog #5 Tyler Olson

My site is coming along nicely, I’ve deciding on using Wix since they have the nicest themes and the most available free content. I thought about using HTML to code the whole thing but decided it would have taken far too much time to get the level of personalization I want. The one thing slightly […]