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Blog Post #5

The final portfolio has been a slight struggle in trying to figure out how wordpress works. For every new piece I want to add I have to watch a tutorial for it. I’m okay that it’s time consuming but it get frustrating when I want to do different and interesting things to my project when […]

Reading Response #5

I chose Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences written by Michael Longford for my fifth reading response. This article mostly explains the authors thoughts on the use of technology including cell phones and laptops in the future. According to the article, we are just the beginning of new huge inventions in such media. It also explains the Mobile […]

Blog Post #4

The Locative Media project seemed hard at first. After learning about what we were going to be doing relating to coding and tech related things I was worried. I have not too much experience with tech work even though I would like to. We had the app downloaded and I was ready to start. I […]

Reading Response #4- Emma Yoder

I chose Anna McCarthy, “Shaping Public and Private Space with TV Screens” from Ambient Television for the fourth reading response. This chapter from the book expresses many things. She began to talk about the use of the TV. She argues throughout the chapter that examining where the TV set is located in a restaurant, airport, or retail store and […]

Reading Response #3- Emma Yoder

“The Death of the Cyberflaneur”, written by Evgeny Morozov examines the history and context of a cyberflaneur. He begins to talk about the history and how french poets and others have influenced it. He explains what a flaneur does. He or she walks around but does not engage. Morozov goes on to talk about how […]

Blog Post #3- Emma Yoder

The past few photo a days have progressively become easier to remember to take pictures of something that catches my eye. I feel i’m starting to see things in a different way, from a more artistic perspective. Although the ideas have become easier, the picture taking itself has become harder. In the first couple weeks […]

Reading Response #2- Emma Yoder

In “Challenging Form”, chapter eight of Corrigan and White’s book, experimental film and new media is discussed. Filmmakers go outside the boundaries in the industry while making these films. They discuss the unusual and bizarre natures of our world while engaging the audience. This chapter addresses many things involving experimental films, like how the films […]

Emma Yoder- Blog post #2

This week’s photo assignment required much more thought than last weeks. I’m from Nashville, where both my parents live and it is very evident all over my room. I realized how many objects in my room represent my home. I thought it would be cool to just show how I incorporate home and family through […]

Blog Post #1- Emma Yoder

This photo a day project is unlike anything i’ve done before. I have always though of photography as a fun way to share the world by taking a photo whenever I want. Although with this project, I am trying to get in the habit of seeing things in a different way throughout the various categories. […]

Reading Response #1 – Emma Yoder

“The Screening of America” by A.O. Scott was very intriguing because it brought up new and old media similarities I’ve never thought of before. Everyday people experience multiple forms of media. Commercials, shows, movies, phones, and lecture presentations are evident in an average students life. The new generation watches far more movies on a laptop […]