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Blog #5 – Henry Volkmer

I have continued to make very good progress on my final portfolio and am now starting to finish things up and implement creative improvements. Last time I wrote a blog telling you about my progress I had my introduction, 3 photos that relate to the critical themes of the class, and 6 photos that show how my […]

Blog #4 – Henry Volkmer

So far I have been making good process on my final portfolio project. I have completed the introduction by selecting my best self- portrait of me pointing in the mirror. I think it’s my best photo because my hand is in front of the camera so that it is the focal point and then behind it […]

Reading Response #5

Nichols discusses how documentary are dependent on ethical issues. According to Nichols, documentaries wouldn’t exist if it were not for issues going on in society. Documentaries are supposed to make social reality visible in a distinctive way that shows the audience what is occurring in our world. Although the reason a viewer watches documentaries is […]

Reading Response #4 – Henry Volkmer

In the reading Territory as interface: Design for Mobil Experiences, by Michael Longford, Longford talks about the first design that the company Mobil Digital Common Networks used locative media technology, and which location and technology they used. The organization was launched in 2004 in Montreal, Canada. There main goal was to examine interactions between humans, […]

Reading Response #3 – Henry Volkmer

In Lisa Gye’s paper, “Picture This,” is about the social uses of personal photography and the impact that the smart phone has had on personal photography. She categorizes numerous ways smart phone photography is used in social life, and comes up with the following intentions: maintaining social groups, expressing yourself, and preserving your memories. Gye argues […]

Blog #3 – Henry Volkmer

So far I think the project is going pretty well. Last Thursday in recitation I was able to successfully create the layout, import the code, select my locations, and upload my files. I was worried that I had done something wrong along the way, but once I tested the app out it all turned out alright. […]

Reading Response #2 – Henry Volkmer

This article, by Morozov, explains how the internet has removed the practice of cyberflaneur. Morovoz first explained the history of flaneuring as a person who would roam the streets discretely without being seen. These people would typically target shopping areas, but they would rarely give in to consumerism because all they were there for was the […]

Blog #2 – Henry Volkmer

So far I am making good progress with my vine how to video. At first I was having a hard time coming up with an idea, but I recently came to the conclusion that I am going to make a how to video about using a vending machine. I got the idea while walking out […]

Blog #1 Photo a Day – Henry Volkmer

So far, I am making good progress with my pictures and having a lot of fun in the process. When I first started taking photos for the assignment I honestly thought it was a pretty stupid assignment because I have been taking photos on my iPhone and iPad since I was a freshman in high school. […]

Reading Response 1 – Henry Volkmer

In Lev Manovich’s book “What is New Media” he describes five key differences between new media and old media. These differences were numerical representation, modularity, automation, variability, and transcoding. All off these differences are relevant to my life, but the ones that stuck out to me the most were variability and transcoding. Variability is media […]