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Blog Post #4 Final portfolio 1- Vaughan Nagy

My current progress on the final portfolio project is not as extensive as it will be, once I am given a considerable amount of time over break to begin. I have selected the platform for the project to be carried out on. I decided to go with WordPress, because I already have an account created […]

Locative Media Review- Vaughan Nagy

My parter John’s app was interesting in its approach. I specifically really liked how his stories sounded so genuine as he conveyed them. They were both funny and witty, and also made it seem almost as if he were there telling them in person, which shows a great deal about how they managed to convey […]

Blog Post #3

The locative media project that we have been working on this week and will be working on next week as well has given me some considerable challenges to face. My progress has not been overly considerable in the creation of this project. This is probably due to the fact that I am at a complete […]

Reading Response #3 -Vaughan Nagy

For this reading response, I chose to analyze Erickson’s article on documentary with ephemeral media. This article goes into an interesting discussion on how documentary form makes its presence in certain kinds of new media; specifically social media and locative technologies. Erickson discusses certain study methods he uses to derive specific data form certain social […]

Blog #2 Vaughan

The ‘how to’ vine assignment has not seen a ton of progress for me yet. Unfortunately, I am not in the area of execution with the video yet, and I am still in the realm of brainstorming exactly what it is that I want to do for the assignment.  I have to admit that vine […]

Blog Post #1. Vaughan

1. The project is coming along nicely so far. For a good majority of this week of the project, I have taken an approach to taking photos that represent family in a more symbolic perspective. This choice really opened some doors to me in terms of what to use for photographic material. On every picture I […]

Vaughan Nagy- Reading Response #1

I chose to write my response on last week’s reading of “The Screening of America” by A.O. Scott. Scott’s article is mainly about how the traditional cinema industry is changing due to the beginning of the digital age. Scott explores how new media has enabled people to view movies and television in formats through the […]