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Blog #4: Final Portfolio 1

Jacob Trujillo For the final portfolio I wanted to build a website that reflected everything I’ve learned in this class. So far, I have completed the introduction to this project and in a way, this is the most important part of the whole site. It should introduce everything you’ll be talking about. For the self-portrait […]

Blog #5: Final Portfolio 2

Jacob Trujillo Last week I did a blog post on the introduction of the final portfolio and this week I’ve dove into the heart of the project a little more. I’ve worked on the 6 photos that have changed my eye over the semester and for this, I really enjoyed it because I was surprised […]

Reading Response #4 – Lowood, Warcraft Adventures

Jacob Trujillo This reading focuses primarily on one of the most popular franchise games in software, known as Warcraft and how it is used to create visual storytelling and movies from players. Game moviemaking is huge in contemporary media and is created all of the time. Warcraft is primarily replay videos, making it historic and […]

Blog #2: Locative Media

Jacob Trujillo   The locative media project is one of the more interesting projects I’ve done in this class. It certainly takes all the little intricate details of a film or media project and instead has you focus on a much more broad aspect, recording a space and creating a “tour” of it through audio. […]

Reading Response #3: “Replacing Place”

The “replacing place” reading went into great depths of this new digital age of the WWW (World Wide Web) and all of the evolutions of new technology inside it. The internet brought about great ways businesses could create virtual store fronts and shopping experiences. It also brought about avatars and how game designers could create […]

Locative Media App Review – Jacob Trujillo

I am reviewing Shane Cohen’s Locative Media App.   Shane started off his spacial journey at the C4C lunchroom and it takes you through the sounds of everyday lunch goers and you can hear the crowds, students talking and laughing, and general conversation. We now get taken to Folsom Field and the roaring cheers of […]

Reading Response #2: The Death of the Cyberflâneur

Jacob Trujillo I think this article is a perfect example of what is happening to our internet and future of media. After all, we are in the class, “Contemporary Media.” Flâneur is an idler or lounger. So, a Cyberflâneur is someone who lounges around online, or more commonly known as “surfing the web.” This article talks […]

Blog Post #1

The current production assignment is currently the found footage assignment which is by far the most interesting assignment I’ve been given since my start at CU. Our task is to take unoriginal footage and turn it into something that it isn’t supposed to be. For example, if we found a music video, turn it into […]