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Blog #5: Trevor Borasio – Final Successes and Difficulties

I’m making a lot of progress on my website. I have changed the theme to make it look modern, created a slideshow for my photos, connected my social media sites, written my locational media page, written my vine page, and completed my introduction. However, I still need to finish the final paragraphs, make it as […]

Blog #4: Trevor Borasio – Working through WordPress

So far I’ve made a lot of progress on my website. I’ve chosen a theme, created most of my pages, uploaded my introduction photograph, and written paragraphs for my introduction and half of my vine. In addition, I have added my Flickr photo stream and looked into other widgets that I might want to add. […]

Locative Media Project: Trevor Borasio – Andres’ Project

Due to technical difficulties with Andres’ app, he had to show it to me manually. However, in terms of getting it to work when giving his presentation, he was able to play all of his music effectively and give voice overs simultaneously. I thought it was interesting that he decided to focus on the environmental […]

Reading Response #4: Trevor Borasio – Cars and Screens

In Anne Friedberg’s article, “Journal of Visual Culture,” she describes the relationship between cars and movies. To begin, she describes a driver as a type of flaneur who may go wherever they desire, but are separated from the world by their car. She also mentions how the windshield is an important “permeable membrane” between the […]

Reading Response #5: Trevor Borasio – Ethicality

In Bill Nichols, Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking? he explains that every film is either a wish-fulfillment documentary or a social representation documentary. By this, he means they either make things that exist in one’s imagination concrete or describe aspects of the world. Next, Nichols explains that nonfiction documentaries are engaging because […]

Blog #3: Trevor Borasio – Locative Media Progress

I am making a lot of progress on my locative media assignment, even though it is only in the planning stage. I have completed the initial set up steps like we went over in recitation, but otherwise I have been brainstorming how I can make this project unique. A difficulty I have run into is […]

Reading Response #3: Trevor Borasio – Another Transitional Object

In the article, “What happened to our Audience?” Albarran et. al. explain how my generation prefers MP3 players over radio. Albarran begins by explaining that radio has always had to compete with other forms of media, such as television. He then explains that college students listen to the radio for music, companionship, and general information […]

Reading Response #2: Trevor Borasio – The Facebook Flaneur

In Evgeny Morozov’s essay, “The Death of the Cyberflaneur,” he explains what a flaneur and cyberflaneur are, but also how they have faded from today’s society. He explains that a flaneur was a person who would wander around, observing what they saw, but savoring their solitude (Morozov, 2). The idea of the flaneur was then […]

Blog #1:Trevor Borasio – Photo-a-Day

After working on the Photo-A-Day assignment for nearly two weeks, I have noticed that I am making good progress keeping up with the assignment and posting a photo to the correct prompt each day. However, I am still struggling in some areas of photography. So far, I am very proud of my lighting choices, particularly […]