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Blog Post #4 Noah Thacker

I am so happy that the photo a day is now over! I am not a great photographer and I never had time to stop and take pictures anyways. I love using a video camera much more than I do a still camera. My pictures have also been having these weird flares across them ever […]

Blog Post #5 Noah Thacker

My final project for this class is actually really terrifying for me. I am not great at building websites. The very few I have build always had technical issues and were very frustrating to get to work. Also, I am not very creative in general. I am a simple man and like things that way. So […]

Reading Response #4 “Film Live”-Noah Thacker

Machinima was really confusing to me during the lecture because it seemed like a wishy-washy kind of media to me with not very many specific rules. Nitsche described machinima a use of a “3D game engines to generate a recorded performance in virtual worlds” which really helped me understand what it is. While I was reading […]

Blog Post #3

When I first started this semester I really didn’t like the photo-a-day project. It was a hindrance I really didn’t have time for between school and work. Now that I am in the middle of the semester I really hate the photo-a-day project. I am mostly still too busy to stop and take pictures, but I […]

Reading Response #3 Noah Thacker

I like how William Mitchell talks about space and cyberspace in his article. In the many ways he said a “chat room” is not actually a room it is just digitized information which does not have actual space. What interested me the most was when he was talking about avatars. Because an avatar is a […]

Blog Post #2 Noah Thacker

I really hate the photo a day project because it takes a lot of effort for me to stop my day and what I’m doing to take a picture. If I am not on the bus to school or actually at school I am going to work. This week was especially difficult because I had […]

Blog Post #1 Noah Thacker

One of the draw backs of new media is that, at times, it can be very frustrating. That is how I feel about my photo-a-day projects. I am not a person to take pictures every day and post them on social media sites. Take this weeks assignment for example. When I was with my family […]

Reading Response 1-NT

A. O. Scott’s article is about the dying art of cinema in the world of multi media. He thinks because of the vast number of screens at our disposal, we are less likely to go to a theater to enjoy a film. He backs his argument with the fact that most home systems have improved […]