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Blog Post #5

After another week of work on the final portfolio, I have now worked my way up to the task of working on putting in my how to video as well as my locative media project.  The process of putting in my how to video went smoothly, and I am now mostly focusing on the discussion […]

Blog Post #4

My progress so far on my Final Portfolio consists of my introduction, and the addition of six photos that show how my eye has changed throughout this course.  I found that when writing my introduction that I have learned many skills through this course when it comes to examining and understanding media.  I also found […]

Reading Response #5 -Brandon Roten

For this reading response, I decided to focus on the article; “Territory as Interface,” by Longford.  This reading focused on the use and impact of technology in relation to the places and spaces that they are used.  It was stated that the inclusion of people, images, sound, information, and technology while keeping spaces and places […]

Reading Response #4- Brandon Roten

For this response I focused on the reading of “The Real and Ideal” by Lunenfeld.  This article focused on the idea of the real which was described as something that exists independently from the various circumstances that change with sensory experience, as well as the ideal which is described as the perfect model that exists […]

Blog #3- Brandon Roten

For the Locative Media project, I have just started brainstorming ideas and creating a basic layout of the initial design that I have created so far.  I believe that I have found the two locations that I would like to use for the project, which is the UMC and the Library. I chose these locations […]

Reading Response #3 -Brandon Roten

For my reading response, I chose to focus on the article “Picture This” by Lisa Gye.  The article focused on the different ways in which the mobile camera phone has impacted us in different ways.  One of the ways it discussed was that the mobile camera phone changed the way in which we are able […]

Reading Response #2-Brandon Roten

For this reading response, I focused on the reading; “Practitioners as Innovators” by Mohammed Ally.  This article focuses on hoe mobile device have become commonplace tools, and how they have been inserted into the teaching and learning process.  It is stated in the article that one of the main focuses of this research was to […]

Blog Post #2 -Brandon Roten

For the Instagram story project, so far I have found the idea that I want to portray in my video, as well as executed a few practice shoots.  My idea that I want to show is the process of making a bowl of cereal with milk.  I found that so far I think I will […]

Blog Post #1 Brandon Roten

Throughout the process of the Photo a Day assignment, I found myself discovering more about the subject of college life.  By that I mean that I noticed the things that I use and interact with the most often daily.  I could easily choose the various pictures that I wanted to take to show college life.  […]

Reading Response #1- Brandon Roten

After reading “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger I feel that I was able to clearly understand what was trying to be expressed of the “ways we see things.”  It was stated that what we see is affected by what we know or believe.  This statement relates to me because when I look at something […]