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Blog Post #5

Panorama photos are something I have been doing for a couple of years ever since it was available to the iPhone. I like that it allows you to get a full perspective (panorama) of an image that you want to capture. I did struggle this week in my photo a day with have multiple people […]

Blog Post #4

This week for our photo a day the theme was still images. I really enjoyed the still life imagery because it allows you to take the photo in the way you think it looks best and it is very precise. The image is value it infers too. All of my photos infer to something. One […]

Reading Response #5

In Caldwell he speaks on cultural geography of the production culture. Caldwell comments that cultural geography cannot be charted by reference to physical spaces alone. Also, that these deep texts are coexistent with the spaces themselves and that they serve as user-guides and road maps for practitioners. Any production must also include and interrogate an […]

reading response #4

In Nitsche’s article he talks a lot about machinima. Machinima is a technique that relies on the use of 3D game engines to generate a recorded performance in virtual world. Machinima is rooted from the gaming community. It can be defined as a recorded event-world, or a “live performance”. Machinimas offer thousands of possibilities and […]

reading response 3

Carly Roggensack   Reading response #3     In Gye’s reading he explains how much of an impact the camera phone has had on today’s society. He writes on how the camera phone has had such an impact on how we record and archive our own personal and group memories. It is a whole new […]