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Blog Post #5: Final-Project #2 Matthew Rivera

As I progress with making my final project, I have selected Wix and am formatting the webpage and then have narrowed down to my favorite photos of each different week. As I look for ways I have grown as a photographer, I really don’t see it and think the good pictures may actually be dumb […]

Blog #4: Final Portfolio #1 – Matthew Rivera

Blog #4: Final Portfolio #1 – Matthew Rivera For the final assignment, my first step was deciding what format to use as a webpage between WordPress and Wix. I am currently leaning toward Wix, I find their format a little easier to follow and modify. Next I am doing rough draft write-ups on paper so […]

Matthew Rivera – Reading Response #5

Week 12 Friedburg – Urban mobility and cinematic visuality In Anne Friedberg’s “Urban mobility and cinematic visuality”, she largely discusses how the car had become a medium of viewership, specifically in L.A. In my own personal experience, I can agree with Friedburg that through the windshield or windows of a car, there can absolutely be […]

Blog Post #2 Matthew Rivera

Family is still a topic I’m learning about.  I grew up with an alcoholic mother and drug addict brother who were my only family and I joined the Marine Corps right at 18 years old and for 13 years that was my only family.  Luckily I have an amazing wife who has a great family, […]

Blog Post #1 Matthew Rivera

The concept of consciously thinking about photographs to take relating to a theme is relatively new to me.  The first week with “college life” being the topic was a little difficult, as I live off campus and am still actually finding out what college life is for me.  This is my first semester in school […]