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Blog #5: Final Portfolio 2

During lecture on Wednesday about the guidelines of how to go about the project, I wasn’t entirely confused or lost on what is being looked for. However, now that I think about it, it would’ve been nice to see an example presentation of a portfolio to really get the points across instead of trying to […]

Blog #4: Final Portfolio 1

There were a lot of free custom themes to choose from so I took a lot of time to choose which one I liked. Especially since I like aesthetics of the interweb, I want to make my website/portfolio visually pleasing to myself. It was a bit challenging navigating and deciding the tools and kinks of […]

App Review: Rina

When I first tested out Ole’s app, his story1 was not working for me. I felt a little disappointed because it’s the location furthest north of campus where Old Main is. This meant that I had walked around almost aimlessly. I proceeded to go to his second zone which was Farrand field. I liked the […]

Reading Response #4: Rina – Territory as Interface

This reading got super interesting for me when it got to the point of describing the Haunting and related ideas to ghosts and phones. There was a list of (what I think to be) absurd questions like can phones be a ghost detector or ghost buster or can we become possessed through the phones. When […]

Reading Response 5: Rina – Nichols

The reading this week opened my eyes to the morals and ethics of what goes into a documentary and the process behind it. It’s interesting that we have this idea of consent and the intentions of using that consent drives us to act differently or put on a different face before and after we have […]

Blog #3: Locative Media Rina

I’m not sure if I wanted to record while it was raining or not but for the past couple days I haven’t been working on my project just because I was too focused on studying for my midterm. The different sounds I heard when I was recording in an inside space I didn’t really like […]

Reading Response 3: Rina Chhoeun – Sounds and Scenes

There was a lot of content from this reading that I would like to respond to but something that popped out to me was Patti Smith’s quote about what New York meant to her. I always think about how the place in which one resides absolutely affects their identity and sense of self. No matter […]

Reading response #2: Rina – Death of the Cyberflaneur

Morozov gave me the definition of something that I still practice to this day – which is being a flaneur. Basically, this means that you’re aimlessly wandering and consuming everything and anything you can. A cyberflaneur is someone who virtually surfs the Internet aimlessly instead of physically. For example, whenever I am on YouTube I […]

Blog #2 photo a day Rina

The theme of family wasn’t as hard for me to do since my family lives in Denver but I still had a hard time capturing that for some reason. But now that I think about it after the week was over, was when I thought of so many possibilities. For my classmates who aren’t home […]

Blog#1: Photo-a-Day Theme 1

This theme of college/dorm life I feel as though I misinterpreted it by the end of the week because I thought that we had to take photos relating to dorms and being in school but it’s not even like that so I could have taken more varieties of photos. I would tell myself to remember […]