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Blog #5 – Jenna Parks

New issues have been coming up as I continue to work on my website for the final project. While at first glance the wordpress interface seems pretty easy to use when creating the website, once you start to try and change small details of the page, things become more difficult. For example, on the front […]

Blog #4 – Jenna Parks

So far for my final project, the only progress I have made is creating the very base of my wordpress site. I have also begun brainstorming what photos I am going to use for each section of the portfolio. This is a little bit difficult because we have taken SO MANY photos throughout the semester […]

Reading Response #4 – Jenna Parks

The reading I chose to respond to is  The Real and the Ideal AND Unfinished Business by Lunenfield. This article talks about how things in media, specifically the internet are unfinished. However it is acknowledged that that is part of the beauty of this media because it is ever-changing and ever-expanding. This was a challenging […]

Reading Response #2 – Jenna Parks

The reading I chose was The Death of the Cyberflaneur. This reading discusses how people don’t generally use the internet for exploratory reasons anymore. Instead, people use the internet for a purpose and to get something done. The word “flaneur” referred to a type of explorer that would wander around public places. This mentality was […]

Blog Post #2 – Jenna Parks

For this weeks Photo a Day assignment, the assignment was family portraits. Since I am from Massachusetts and have no family out here, I decided to do a series of empty chairs and other areas to represent this. As cynical as it seems, I felt this really captured my feelings regarding the presence of my […]

Blog Post #1 – Jenna Parks

In this current Photo A Day assignment, documenting college/dorm life has been extremely interesting. I personally live in a dorm so documenting the struggles and normalities of the dorm has been intriguing. I live in a hall with all music majors so I’ve mostly been photographing people practicing or doing music-related homework. It was surprising […]

Reading Response #1 – Jenna Parks

In the readings for this week, the authors focused on the importance of the context when consuming different forms of art. I find this extremely interesting because I had never previously thought about how an individual’s perception of art would change depending on how they consume it, or how that consumption would change the value […]