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Blog #5

Throughout the process of creating my final portfolio, I have considered my use of self-censorship while creating a website that will be displayed publically. Self-censorship can be defined as the “control of what you say or do in order to avoid annoying or offending others, but without being told officially that such control is necessary”. […]

Blog #4

As I am approaching my last week of photos for my Photo-a-Day assignment, I can reflect on my improvement as a photographer. This assignment has forced me to always be aware of my setting and what will make a good picture. As this semester progressed, it felt much more natural to look around and decide […]

Reading Response #

Anne Friedberg’s essay “Urban Mobility and Cinematic Visuality: The Screens of Los Angeles- endless cinema or private telematics” examines the windows or screens that are constantly overlaying information over the reality we see. Friedberg questions the authenticity of reality when viewed through a screen; she believes that if an architectural or metaphoric window is used, […]

Reading Response #4

“Media Power: Some Hidden Dimensions” by Nick Couldry examines the media consumers’ silent role within the media’s ordering process. According to Couldry, our media-centric world has created a mode of ordering where consumers’ status to intervene in the media’s flow is strictly limited. Couldry views media as a “social process” that operates on various levels, […]

Blog Post #3 Carlisle Olsen

In progress to complete my Locative Media assignment, I have begun brainstorming the connection between space and media. A large part of this assignment is incorporating the space as a part of the media that enhances the overall experience. I have decided to try to create the experience of the music festival Coachella, therefore the […]

Reading Response #3

In the essay “Documentary with Ephemeral Media: Curation Practices in Online Social Spaces,” Ingrid Erikson examines how the new era of mobile devices and cameras combined with new online social platforms has allowed for “sociolocative” practices. Erikson describes sociolocative practices as the combination of physical location with a virtual social act. The various social medias […]

Reading Response #2

The article “Death of a Cyberflâneur” by Evgeny Morozov examines technological progression and the conflicting views it poses to the modern way humans interact with social media. The article discusses the previous celebration of the cyberflâneur in connection to a utopian approach to technological progression. The cyberflâneur roams the Internet in the same regards that […]

Blog Post #2 Carlisle Olsen

The photo-a-day assignment became more natural during the second week of shooting. I became more alert to picture ideas and brought my iPad everywhere I went. I integrated new technology- the iPad- into my everyday life after becoming acclimated to the new mainstream media platform- Flickr. This week I discovered the vignette effect on the […]

Blog Post #1 Carlisle Olsen

  For the Photo-a-Day assignment, I have taken a picture every day for one week focusing on my personal “college life”. Initially, I thought this assignment would be extremely easy, but realized having the motivation to pursue my ideas would be difficult. This was especially frustrating because the IPad is too large to always carry […]

Reading Response #1- Carlisle Olsen

Throughout the excerpt from John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing”, sight is examined in order to analyze how humans interact with the things they see and how technology is altering this. “It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world; we explain that world with words, but words can never undo the fact that […]