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Reading Response #5 – Kelsey Mullins

Nichols chapter “Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?” discusses the power of films (and people’s interpretation of films) to convey a likeness of the world, represent others, and argue a particular viewpoint. Nichols explains the difference between treating people as “actors” and “social actors.” Social actors are people in non-fiction documentary films, and […]

Blog Post #4 – Kelsey Mullins

I started my portfolio website this week using Square Space. I have never used Square Space before so there was a bit of a learning curve, but overall the program is pretty intuitive. I completed my introduction page and uploaded and explained 3 photo of the week images. I found it easy to upload the […]

Blog Post #5 – Kelsey Mullins

This week I continued to work on the portfolio website. I had a bit of a setback because I used Square Space and my free trial expired. I didn’t realize I would be completely locked out of my website after a month, and I did not want to pay $70 to unlock it. I decided […]

Reading Response #4 – Kelsey Mullins

According to the Michael Nitsche reading, the term Machinima is a combination of “machine” and “cinema.” Machinima is “animated filmmaking within a real-time virtual 3D environment.” Machinima originated in the context of 1980’s hacker culture, but has since grown into a much larger movement as video games and computers have advanced. Machinima often involves remediating the game, […]

Locative Media Review (Kelsey Mullins)

Sydney’s project was a walkthrough of entering, ordering, and leaving at a Starbucks. There were a lot of different tracks. Most of them were ambient sounds from the Starbucks (people talking, coffee machines, ect) or a narration of the process. All of the coordinates were at the Starbucks, and as you walk through the space […]

Blog Post #3 – Kelsey Mullins

I have not started the locative media project yet so I am writing this blog post on last week’s Instagram Tutorial. I made a tutorial on “how to make a waffle.” I thought I was going to have trouble getting to the time limit, but I actually ended up shooting way too much footage and […]

Reading Response #3 – Kelsey Mullins

According to Gye, one reason people take photographs is to create personal and group memories. The desire to photograph is socially constructed, and personal photography took off partially as a result of Kodak’s marketing. For example, one of their taglines was “A vacation without a Kodak is a vacation wasted.” Sharing photographs is also a […]

Reading Response #2 – Kelsey Mullins

“Death of the Cyberflaneur” by Evgeny Morozov explains how the modern internet changed the nature of browsing, and ultimately “killed” the cyberflaneur. Rather than being a site for casual strolling, the internet has become a site of utility and “getting things done.” Motozov explains that flaneurs once strolled through Paris slowly, with no obvious destination […]

Blog Post #1

This week I have been working on the found footage video assignment. I initially found it really difficult to get started on because I didnt have a clear idea of what I wanted to use. I spent a long time sorting through the found footage folder with no real direction. Once I decided that I […]

Blog Post #2

This week I have been working on the Photo-A-Day project. I have been having some serious issues with my flicker account, and had to remake it twice in order for it to work. Despite the problems I have had with flicker, it does seem like a good way to view photos and I learned you […]