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Blog #4- Anna Morgenthaler

I have taken and posted all of my pictures for Photo-a-Day #11: People Panorama, to Flickr. For this project it was difficult for me to find locations off campus to take my photos, due to the fact that I spend most of my time on campus. As a result, my photos ended up not being […]

Blog #5- Anna Morgenthaler

For the final portfolio I have selected the template on Wix for my website and have started designing and putting contents onto my site. I have selected most of the photos I plan to use in my portfolio and have begun outlining my responses to the required questions. I have been struggling with how to […]

Reading Response #5- Anna Morgenthaler

In Territory as Interface, Michael Longford describes the work and projects of the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN). He explains the goals of the program as well as the difficulties they faced and the inspiration they discovered through their work. MDCN aims to connect communities of users by imbedding media into their everyday ambient interactions […]

App Review- Anna Morgenthaler

For: Leah Ashley’s Locative Media Project I liked how the audio of this project becomes less familiar with each track. The first tracked depicts the common sounds of a classroom with no unusual interruptions. The next two audio tracks introduce the unusual sounds, which over lay the familiar and comfortable sounds of a classroom. The […]

Reading Response #4- Anna Morgenthaler

In “The Real and the Ideal,” by Peter Lunenfeld, Lunenfeld discusses how the computer has made reaching conclusions more difficult. He explains how the encompassing nature of the computer has forced the acceptance of the “unfinished” as both a fear and an aesthetic. Lunenfeld explores the unfinished in space, narrative, and time. He demonstrates how […]

Blog #3- Anna Morgenthaler

For the Locative Media assignment, I have chosen my location and content for both the story tracks, and the atmosphere tracks. My Location is going to be Norlin Quad, with the focal point being the Robert Frost statue that sits outside of Old Main. I want my walk through to depict the change in seasons, […]

Reading Response #3- Anna Morgenthaler

In “Replacing Place” William Mitchell explains how cyberspace is similar to, and in some cases, has replaced, real estate. He explains how virtual spaces have evolved into communities to which users want to visit, and revisit, due to their interlinkage with one another, professional design and visually appealing formats, the placement of people into said spaces […]

Reading Response #2- Anna Morgenthaler

In the article, Picture This, Lisa Gye discusses the role photography plays in our social interactions and self-expression, and the ways in which the convergence of the mobile phone and the camera has affected these roles. She further discusses the repercussions this change will have, and has had on identity formation and memory. Gye observes […]

Blog #2- Anna Morgenthaler

I have made some sufficient progress with my Found Footage assignment. I found, and collected the footage I wished to use, and have strung these clips together into a coherent video which depicts some of the dangers of genetically modified foods. I have not attempted to apply audio to my video yet. I had some […]

Blog #1- Anna Morgenthaler

As I write this I currently have 6 of the 7 pictures taken, and posted, for the Photo-a-Day #2 assignment. Thus far I feel satisfied with my work. I feel that photos are creative, and that they convey what family means to me and where I find it throughout my life. My greatest difficulties with […]