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Blog #5

These last couple of days I’ve started compiling my final project and I’ve run into the consistent problem that I’m really bad at creating websites. I feel like its more of a creativity aspect because my creativity has always been expressed through drawing and painting bu ti tool this class to broaden my horizons to […]

Blog #4

I hate to say this but the still life photo a day may be my least favorite of the photo a days so far. Sure I’m probably biased because still life paintings are my least favorite type of artwork to begin with, also true form I find it difficult to do creatively. For me I […]

Reading Response #4

After reading Henry Lowood’s text on Machinima and game-based cinema I’ve realized that machinima is much more common in todays society than I had ever noticed. Based on our class discussion on in game cut-scenes as a type of machinima, also brought up in the reading, I thought back to my days of grinding out […]

Reading Response #2

Morozov believes in the death of the cyberflaneur as shown throughout his article but I firmly believe he is wrong. Being a flaneur to me is most definitely not dead, I still enjoy “people watching” or strolling aimlessly just to take in the views of the world around me. Most importantly I think the evolution of the […]

Reading Response #1 – Zach Miller

The Screening of America by A.O. Scott is a particularly interesting piece of work to me because of its extreme relevance to my generation and how media is changing every minute. He discusses how movies are slowly being watched more and more out of theatres and onto television causing a change in the culture around […]