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Blog #5 – Devin Michaelis

I’ve managed to get all of the content that I plan on writing about uploaded to the final portfolio. All that’s left is to add text and relate the material to class discussions. Another triumph is that I’ve succeeded in embedding my How-To Vine. I’ve finally organized my links in a way that I’m satisfied […]

Locative Media Project Review – Devin Michaelis

  I did not have any trouble getting Zach’s app to work. I went to his atmospheres in the University Memorial Center and the atmosphere and story audio began to play for both of his atmosphere and story spaces. I liked how his approach had a Jurassic Park theme. He had the theme music for […]

Blog #4 – Devin Michaelis

For the final project, the Final Portfolio is a website that is being made on wordpress.com that is intended to showcase of all the work that I’ve been working on throughout the semester. So far I’ve managed to create a home page featuring an introduction that has links to pages that feature photos, my how-to […]

Reading Response #5 – Devin Michaelis

The essay talks about the trope of the window and its relation to framed visuality. The essay discusses the how the windshield is responsible for framing what the passengers see but is absent from their account of what is outside of the car and the dichotomy between the mobility of images and the stasis of […]

Reading Response #4 – Devin Michaelis

In The Digital Dialectic: The Real and the Ideal, Peter Lunenfeld discusses virtual reality by analyzing the space between the real and the ideal, how the real strives to be the ideal, and how this has an impact on media that is produced. Since the real strives to be the ideal, he considers a lot […]

Reading Response #3 – Devin Michaelis

In Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices, Lisa Gye explores the purpose that photography serves in modernity. She asserts that the desire to photograph is socially constructed and culturally specific. She also mentions that the presence of a narrator and a listener in the performative act of showing and […]

Blog #3 – Devin Michaelis

The current production assignment that the class is working on is the Locative Media App using Appfurnace. The idea is to have a person feel like they are moving through a space while having the audio that corresponds with the atmosphere and story zone playing. Some of the difficulties that I have encountered while trying […]

Reading Response #2 – Devin Michaelis

In Practitioners as Innovators, Mohammad Ally explores how people use their phones for teaching, learning, work and leisure. His research is concerned with how an individual is empowered by a mobile device, how they use it for mobile learning, and how social networks amplify or modify the use of a mobile device. The research found […]

Blog #1 Photo-A-Day

I had some trouble with exposure at the beginning of the Photo-A-Day project. I switched the shutter to manual and had fun with that for the first week, but some of my pictures didn’t turn out the way I would have liked. The brightness may have been up on the iPad because the pictures turned […]

Blog #2 – Vine Project – Devin Michaelis

I’m currently working on the How-to-Vine. I chose to tell people how to replace a string on an acoustic guitar for my How-to-Vine. Vines are a media format that I have no experience with, but the project has come along better than I had expected. Some of the issues I ran into are associated planning […]