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Reading response #3 – Kai Maulhardt

I thought This weeks readings where very interesting, especially coming from some one who enjoys music and audio its self. Audio is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and a lot of it started with radio. The radio changed the modern families life drastically from there social life to getting there daily information. We […]

AppFurnace Review – Kai Maulhardt

I reviewed Zachs app and it was over all really good. He decided to put his area in and around Farrand field and i think it fit his audio really well. he used the appropriate sound for the the right location. For example while your walking around Farrand field you here the back ground noise […]

Blog post #4 – Kai Maulhardt

This finale project is probably my favorite because its takes all the skills we have learned through out the semester and combines it into one big project. Also i love building websites, I’ve built plenty in the past and i think its just very artistic. Web site engine i decided to use is Wix just […]

Reading Response #5 – Kai Maulhardt

This week we read a really interesting article about how cars have always been a median for entertainment. Or you could say a frame for a screen. Ever since cars where invented they have changed the way we view the world. Everything is different from the seat of a car. objects in the outside world […]

Blog post #3 – Kai Mauldhart

The Locative media assignment has been really interesting and fun. I think i enjoy it a lot because it includes a lot of elements of the class. For example it really emphasis on the one platform idea with the iPad and how it is portable and you can really use it any where. The thing […]

Reading Response #2 – Kai Maulhardt

  We have come a long with technology from having a computer that could barely fit in a room to having a computer that has the world at the press of a button but can fit in your pocket. With this new found technology the only question we can ask is what are we to […]

Blog Post #1 – Kai Maulhardt

I have thoroughly enjoyed the photo of the day project. it has really helped me with my photo taking skills and has forced me to look at stuff from different angles, to get a different meaning. I don’t really have favorite week or prompt that we did i enjoyed them all. I would have to […]

Reading Response #1: Kai Maulhardt

In today’s world everything is growing so fast, every where you look there is a new technological advancement whether that be a device, more powerful then ever that fits inside your pocket or a new way of viewing movies such as Netflix. As Scott say’s do these new technologies change the way we see cinema, […]