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Blog Post #4

I am currently working on two projects for this week- Photo-a-day and our final portfolio. The theme for the photo-a-day this week is panorama, I came across some trouble when I was trying to figure out how to take a panorama on a DSLR. I tried to look up YouTube tutorials and, thankfully, there are […]

Reading Response #5: Longford

In Territory as Interface, Michael Longford introduces the MDCN (The Mobile Digital Commons Network), which is a collaborative research network that “explores the connections between human beings, urban and wilderness settings, and mobile technologies.” Specifically, Longford focuses on two particular projects (Urban Archeology: Sampling in the Park &The Haunting) both of these projects and other projects […]

Locative Media Review

Kelsey did her locative media project at a local coffee shop. The first sound you hear as you enter the coffee shop is the “workspace” of the shop, the background noise noises you hear are conversations, paper crumpling, pencil writing and erasing, and a computer typing. The second sound is closer to the coffee machine and […]

Reading Response #4 Lunenfeld

In The Real and the Ideal AND Unfinished Business. Lunenfeld splits his essay into three sections. Lunenfeld focuses on the “irony in the way we relate to technology.” (lecture, Andrew) In one section, which we primarily focused in class, is the idea of network idealist and naive realism. Network idealist is the term for people who […]

Blog Post #3 – Locative Media

For the locative media project, I have had a hard time planning exactly what I want to do. I have several ideas of spaces I’d like to record but I’m having a hard time coming up with a story or a creative way to present each space. So far, I am narrowing it down to […]

Reading Response #3 William Mitchell

In Replacing Place, William Mitchell discussed the topic of cyberspace and it’s ability to connect people without physically having to go anywhere. To begin, Mitchell delves into explaining how the World Wide Web was developed for the purpose of sharing scientific information between scientists. He goes on to say that for a while the World Wide […]

Reading Response #2: The Media Equation

In The Media Equation How People Treat Computers, Television, and New Media Like Real Places and People, Reeves and Nass open up with introducing Ed Koch, mayor of New York City, who concludes and introduces his big speeches with the question, “how am I doing?” Naturally, people will respond by saying you’re doing great/well/good/awesome etc., […]

Blog Post #2

This week I have been working on both the photo-a-day assignment and the found footage project. It has been a difficult week with other assignments from other classes so I have not completed as much as I would have liked with the found footage project. Although, it was nice to have found all the video […]

Blog Post #1

I am currently working on both the photo-a-day weekly assignments and found footage assignment due next week. For my found footage project I have made a little bit of progress in the planning aspect of the project before I begin to actually put it all together. The difficult part of this project is deciding what […]