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Blog Post #4 – Sydney Lashmet

The photo a days overall were really fun to me because I’ve always loved to take pictures, but I was never sure if I was getting it right. I know there is no right in that case, and it’s more on preference, but now when my friends see the things I capture, or even my […]

Blog Post #5

Looking at all my work over the progression of the class is pretty incredible. I would have never imagined that I would have made an app. Even if the majority of it was just putting in coordinates, I’m so proud of myself. I totally had multiple breakdowns making the Locative media project, but during Thanksgiving […]

Reading Response #5 – Syd Lashmet

Journal of Visual Culture by Anne Friedberg Friedberg relates a car in the city to viewing and interpreting movies/screens into media, but the real goal she is trying to emphasize is the space between the “screen: and the viewer. She writes, “a theory of film spectatorship that describes the shining views of the spectator that […]

Reading Response #3 Sydney Lashmet

Nitsche – Warcraft Adventures Machinima seems to be a specific thing, but covers so much. Overall, machinima is fan made, and can be “a live performance, a recorded game session, or post-produced linear video clips…” (p.2). Machinima started as technological breakthrough from hackers in the 80s, and they would leave their signatures – almost like […]

Blog Post #3 Sydney Lashmet

It’s an interesting concept to think about listening to speakers playing what we’re supposed to hear. I understand we do it every day unconsciously, but videos like the one we viewed in recitation or the Virtual Barber Shop freak me out because of technology advancing in different types of ways, but when the host of […]

Partner Review

Kelsey Mullins This project was a process! Kelsey created a super awesome ghost story that lead up to the Macky Auditorium. Her story recordings were really cool, I asked her how she decided to do the talking, and she told me she’s really into podcasts, so that might’ve helped her prepare lol. The ghost story […]

Sydney Lashmet – Reading Response #2

Morozov – Death of the Cyberflaneur We were a little behind schedule the past couple of weeks and I am a little confused on which reading corresponds with this reading response – so hopefully I chose correctly. Morozov goes into historical detail of the original “flaneurs”, and the flanuers (normally depicted as men) would walk […]

Blog Post #1

The whole photo-a-day project is actually pretty cool because I have a friend from home who is really into photography and videography. He tries to mostly keep his work to rooftop photos of Chicago and music festivals; this project kind of inspired me to think more about what my perspective is, and what I want […]

Blog Post #2

The Photo-A-Day project has been going really well. I still am unsure of my own ideas for my photos, though. I totally lack any imagination with some of my photos, almost like writer’s block. I think this happens because we have themes each week, which I like, but it forces me to evaluate what exactly […]

Sydney Lashmet – Reading Response 1

Scott describes the evolution of the “screens” by explaining the role of television versus the film industry in theaters. The film industry expanded their screen sizes when TV’s started taking off, but then realized television could attempt to bring the cinema experience to the home; at the start of things, TV’s weren’t the sharpest and […]