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Katrina Forte Blog #5 Final Portfolio 2

For this week’s blog post, I will be discussing my thoughts on the Final Portfolio project. So far, I have really been enjoying this project. It has been a lot of fun creating my own website. I have done stuff like this before in high school, but never this fancy. I have found that working […]

Locative Media-Mara

My partner sent me her application on Tuesday, November 3, so I had plenty of time to test it out. Her location was the water fountain area by the UMC. I absolutely loved her location choice! When I went to test it out, it unfortunately did not work. I tried it on multiple devices, tried […]

Reading Response #4-Katrina Forte

For my Reading Response for this week, I chose Longford’s “Territory as Interface”. I thought that is was a very interesting read and it is definitely relevant in our class this week. I am really enjoying the idea that you can use your surrounding combined with technology to create a new form of media. In […]

Reading Response #5-Katrina Forte

For this week’s Reading Response, I am writing about the Nichols piece, Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?. Before reading this, I never really thought much about documentaries because I don’t frequently watch them. The only documentaries that I ever really watch are ones about World War II on Netflix. When I watch documentaries, I […]

Blog #3 Locative Media

The Locative Media Project has proved to be fun, but also difficult. I never thought I would be working with code! I am not very technology-savvy so I definitely have my work cut out for me. From what I have done thus far, I have noticed that if you don’t write the code exactly right, […]

Reading Response #3-Katrina Forte

I have decided that for this week’s Reading Response, I would like to talk about the Albarran reading. In “What Happened to our Audience?”, Albarran describes many studies linked to the use of AM/FM radio. Each of the studies were about college-aged students and what form of media that they listen to and use on […]

Blog #2 Katrina Forte: How-To Vines

So far, I have done a bunch of research on “How-To” Vines and I have been thoroughly entertained. There are a lot out there that are pretty basic. For instance, I saw one that was “How to Charge A Phone” and it was literally someone plugging their phone into a charger. I have also seen a bunch […]

Reading Response #1: A.O. Scott

This week I read A.O. Scott’s New York Times article entitled “The Screening of America” (23 November 2008). Scott is arguing that our way of viewing cinema is changing and I completely agree with him. He also talks about how cinema may be dying, but it is making way for new things. I have always […]