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John Mackin’s Review of Kyle Mackie’s App

Kyle’s locative media took me through the space of the music building with sounds of commotion inside of the building then leading me into a song. Then it took me to the pond inside of the Kittredge┬áneighborhood where I heard sounds of water that fit the vibe of the pond, which lead into another song. […]

Reading Response #5 John Mackin “Industrial Geography Lessons”

In John T. Caldwell’s “Industrial Geography Lessons”, He discusses Industrial space and how that relates to media. To summarizes Caldwell’s findings in one sentence, media power is constructed. Media powers contrast the industry in such a way that they maintain power. They position labor in such a way that they stay in power. Such as […]

Blog #3: John Mackin – Locative Media Project

Thus far in the project, I have not yet gotten very far in my progress. I have been brainstorming creative ideas for this project. I was discussing with some friends the idea of this project to bounce back and fourth some ideas. One of my buddies suggested acting as a famous cartoon character, such as […]

Reading Response #3 “Picture This” – John Mackin

In Lisa Gye’s “Picture This” article she covers the impacts of mobile camera phones and the ability to always have a camera at our fingertips. Lisa explains how we personal photography to for self-expression and self-presentation purposes. Personal photography was advertised as a way to save memories and share them. It also became a way […]

Reading Response #2 John Mackin The Death of the Cyber Flaneur

A flaneur back in the days before the Internet, referred to someone who was anonymous. Some who watched, wondered, and strolled through society un-noticed. The flaneur was an observer of society. As the Internet developed the cyber flaneur flourished. At the beginning of the Internet days, users were able to “surf the web” unnoticed. With […]

John Mackin Blog Post # 2: Vine

Thus far in the How-to Vine assignment I have been working on brainstorming a clever idea for this short 6 seconds. I originally thought I would do a how-to vine educating viewers how to correctly push on a skateboard, something I believe most people do not understand how to do. Although, this seemed to me […]

John Mackin Blog Post # 1 – Photo-a-Day

For this past week, our class had been assigned to take 1 photo per day on our iPads. Initially, I was excited to start this project, its the first hands-on assignment I have done since being a student here at CU. Our subject for the past week was family. Family has a very broad meaning […]