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Reading Response #5 Josie Hoien

The article, “Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?” by Nichols addresses the importance of using ethical practice in documentaries. Since documentaries affect people’s lives, Nichols returned to the question “What do we do with our subjects?” as a way to check in on the ethics of production. This article dissects the relationship between […]

Blog #5 Josie Hoien

I’ve almost entirely completed my final portfolio WordPress website. In the process, I feel like I’ve gained new technology skills as well (mostly clicking on random buttons until the appropriate thing happens). I’ve come a long way since the last time I wrote a blog post. Back then, I was in the process of writing […]

Locative Media Review – Josie Hoien

Max Levy presented me with a creative locative media experience that was executed with the proficiency of a seasoned producer. The project took place in “Dave’s Saloon,” a fictional location that required imagination to conjure up. I think that Max did a great job of narrating a space. In the first story clip, the story didn’t […]

Josie Hoien Blog #4

I’m currently in the midst of creating my final project on WordPress. I’ve never created a site using WordPress before, so I have been using a little bit of trial and error in order to figure out how to create the end product that I envision. As of right now, I have al of my posts […]

Reading Response #4 Josie Hoien

Longford’s article, “Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences,” explains the idea that physical communities and their networked counterparts are intertwined and can be utilized as a new kind of game play, part of participatory culture, and an enhancement of physical space through media use. The first project is entitled, “Urban Technology: Sampling in the Park.” It’s goal […]

Reading Response #3 – Josie Hoien

“Picture This” by Lisa Gye is about the changing photography habits that resulted from media convergence of cameras and cell phones. She claims that cameras have 3 main uses: memory, maintaining social relationships, and self-expression/presentation. Historically, pictures were used to record family life, bind us to past social groups, share one’s perspective, and aid in present storytelling (since prints allowed […]

Blog #3 Josie Hoien

The locative media assignment has been a hands-on learning process of what it is like to work with finicky technology. So far, I have created an app via tutorial that pairs GPS mapped locations with triggered audio once a device with the corresponding app enters the space. I have actually created two apps: one for […]

Reading Response #2 Josie Hoien

Evgeny Morozov’s piece, “The Death of the Cyberflâneur,” it disassembles the early idea that the internet would be a place for a type of flâneurie, or aimless wandering, dubbed “cyberflâneurie.” The premise of this act is distinguished by a particular anonymity and sensation, both of which the internet once offered but has since transformed as […]

Blog #2 Josie Hoien

As we have worked out way through the “Photo-A-Day” assignment, I have noticed that I approach each picture with more creativity than I initially did. I recently finished the Self-Portrait assignment and I am onto the Faceless Portrait theme now. Self-Portrait was unlike anything I’ve done before: I’ve never been a selfie-taker and without having […]

Blog #1 Josie Hoien

The current production assignment I’m undertaking in Critical Media Cultures is the “Photo-A-Day.” So far, I’ve uploaded my pictures for the campus life, family, and self-portrait themes. The picture below is one that demonstrates elements I’ve learned in class: rule of thirds, subject focus, and various editing tips. I find myself quite thrown off by […]