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Blog Post #5

This semester has been absolutely amazing learning all sorts of new information and techniques in different types of media. My projects all semester have come together very well and I’m proud of the way they came out. I can look at them through out the semester and see how my different techniques and angles have […]

Reading Response 5

In Anne Friedberg’s Journal of Visual Culture, she talks about how every piece of framed visuality is a part of component pieces of architecture, that they are visual windows into a vast viewing machine with endless opportunities in and out of the screen. But not only are looking at computer, phone, and movie screens, were […]

Reading Response #4

The Warcraft Adventures are definitely one with many doors to be opened. In this free world game you can go around and do whatever you’d like. Its a very complex game with many different stories and paths you can choose to take. The hyperrealism in this game was by far better in the commercials but […]

Locative Media Review

My partners project was absolutely incredible, whenever we met up to do each other’s project you got his project/software to start running almost immediately. Throughout the whole process of going through his project and listening to all of his different sounds I never ran into a problem and it was very smooth and made a […]

Blog #3

The How To Video went great, for the project I made a video about how to put a shoe on. I started by taking some close up and far shots of my friend putting her shoe on, I then edited it all together adding some titles to say what was going on in the video. […]

Reading Response #3 – What Happened to our Audience?

In ““What Happened to our Audience?” Radio and New Technology Uses and Gratifications Among Young Adult Users.” It talks about how radio over the decades has had many struggles trying to stay in the game with new up rising technology. And up to current times it’s managed to do well by switching up a few […]

Reading Response #2 (The Death of the Cyberflaneur)

In the death of the Cyberflaneur, It discusses how back in the the 19th century Paris was going under major change in how the city was taking down old buildings and streets to put up new buildings. And during this time flaneurs, who were wanders of the city who would just walk around and observe […]

Blog Post #2 – Photo-A-Day & Found Footage Projects

In the photo-a-day project I am doing much better than I was last time I wrote a blog. I’m remembering to take a photo each day, and I’m thinking more creatively on how I want to portray whatever my subject is. I’m having a lot of fun with it and learning so much in class […]

Blog Post #1: Tanner Hartwick-Photo a day

Tanner Hartwick Blog Post #1 My progress so far on the photo-a-day project is great! I’ve been keeping up with the amount of photos I need to take per week and really trying new techniques and looking at capturing whatever I’m looking in a new perspective. Some of the difficulties I’ve been running into is […]

Reading Response #1: Tanner Hartwick

   In the article “The Screening of America” it talks about how the different ages of how we receive media is changing so rapidly that the way we use to receive information and “stories” is completely different now than it was in the past. Back in the 2007 when cable/satellite/broadcast TV was booming with movies, […]