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Blog #2

This week’s photo-a-day assignment was “selfie”. This week was a little more difficult because I do not consider myself a creative type. It was hard to portray myself in a way that reflects me without taking a typical selfie. I’ve also found that all the “creative” ways that I’ve learned to take photos have become […]

Blog #1

This week’s production assignment that I’m talking about is the Photo-a-day assignment. This week’s theme was family and I had a little harder time with this week than the first week. I realized that my family isn’t much of an artistic type (except for me) and doesn’t really like being pictured either; I tried the […]

Reading Response #1

In A.O. Scott’s article, “The Screening of America”, Scott emphasizes the way we view television and movies have constantly been changing over the centuries. No longer are people going to the theater to watch movies anymore like how it used to be. Movies and television shows are readily available and running on cable channels as […]