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Partner review for App Furnace – Ross Gilchrist

app furnace review. Ross Gilchrist CMDP 1400- 1 3/30/16 Partner App Review   Davey’s link http://the.appfurnace.com/test?testid=gYxfd Davey and I wanted to work together and see how each project turned out for the journey we would take as a guide on campus as if we were real tour guides. I did not like the coding as […]

Ross Gilchrist reading Response 5

Ross Gilchrist 4/7/16 CMDP 1400 Reading Response 5 I have to be honest I really disagree with the territory as an interface article. I don’t like how it says that we are going to want to use the locative media project technology for social media. I think barely enough people have access to that knowledge […]

Ross Gilchrist – Reading Response #3

I thought that this weeks readings were really interesting about how media and radio collide in one. For example as we dicussed in class about how people used to have to listen to radio and need to picture what was happening in their mind. Alberran emphasizes the idea of what we are moving towards and […]

Ross Gilchrist – Reading Response #2

Ross Gilchrist Reading Response #2 I found it difficult to figure out how to make the shudder and exposure of the movie pro app to be able to make the picture black and white. I tried to express the picture to be very highlighted to try and make it black and white. I also enjoyed […]

Ross Gilchrist Blog Post #2

Ross Gilchrist So far, the vine post has been a hard topic to film. I am still trying to figure out something that is funny and quick. I was thinking about doing a vine post. The topic for a, how to do something in six seconds, is interesting. I am thinking of an idea of […]

Ross Gilchrist Blog post #1

Ross Gilchrist I personally have found the photo a day fun but also inconvenient. I tend to carry my phone around more than the Ipad given to me and I forget to actively be taking pictures. I think the weather made the difference in changing my mind when to take a picture. Due to bad […]

Reading Response #1 Ross Gilchrist

Scott emphasizes that movie theaters are dead. He recaps on how there are consumption shifts in society and media. As the people change their opinions so does the media. Also how there is the fight between old and new media. But I could agree with Scott because I don’t go to the movie theaters anymore.  […]