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Blog Post 5- Andres Familiar

Although I haven’t really started my final portfolio, I didn’t have much trouble doing the panorama, so it was a very fun week of taking pictures. The only trouble I had while taking these pictures this week was making everyone in the picture stay still. Panoramas are very nice ways to take pictures and definitely […]

Blog Post 4- Andres Familiar

This week’s project was very fun to do. The hard part was finding an object that could represent my feelings towards this school. I chose a little Ralphie stress toy that I got last semester, and it is important to me because it represents this school. Since I am graduating soon, anything I can keep […]

Reading Response 5- Andres Familiar

The article Industrial Geography Lessons talks about the set of deep texts go around and help orient work worlds and career spaces that people that work confront. They serve as user guides and roadmaps for practitioners. It also helps rationalize socio-professional customs that define production spaces. The text also talks about narrativization and war stories, […]

Reading Response 4- Andres Familiar

Warcraft Adventures by Michael Nitsche is a very interesting article about Machinima and how it came into place. Tracing its origin to the 1980’s hacker culture, they would show off their coding skills by creating demos that ran before the main game started. Apart from the demo scenes developed in games, game developers eventually created […]

Blog Post 3- Andres Familiar

This next project is going to be very fun and interesting. The Locative Media assignment is going to make me think a lot to try to make it as creative as possible. Although I still have no idea what I’m going to do it on, I still need to find the perfect spot on campus […]

Reading Response 3- Andres Familiar

For this reading response, I chose to read Picture This by Lisa Gye. So basically she writes about how mobile camera phones have an impact on photographic practices. Mobile camera phones have obviously changed the way we record and keep personal memories, and have also created a way to maintain social relationships. Through these mobile […]

Reading Response 2- Andres Familiar

In Ribak’s article, they explain how landline phones were very influential in everyone’s lives, especially women and the youth. During the years, technology advanced and cellphones made an appearance worldwide. Cell phones change the way people communicated with each other, facilitating transactions and messages. During the studies made for cellphones between parents and their children, they […]

Blog post #2- Andres Familiar

This week’s assignment was a very interesting, seeing that all my immediate family are back home in Mexico. Although I did end up taking a picture from facebook, I managed to take pictures of my close friends here that I would consider to be my family. It was great that I needed to take these […]

Blog Post #1 Andres Familiar

This past week of taking pictures of what I perceive as college life has been a very interesting experience. I am looking forward to the rest of the themes throughout the semester because I feel like it would give me different perspectives on what I see during my everyday life. This week was interesting because it […]

Reading Response #1- Andres Familiar

While reading the article by A.O. Scott, it made me realize the truth about the evolution of screening. Obviously, when television came out, it was an incredible invention that changed millions of lives. Once that technology becomes easier to access, people tend to evolve with newer technologies. Now that there are many ways to find […]