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Fletcher Evilsizer Blog post #5

I have been taking quite a bit of time thinking about my locative media project and my final portfolio. I want to add my locative media to my portfolio because it is not only required but it was also probably my favorite project we did all semester. I really enjoyed how I got to use […]

Fletcher Evilsizer Blog #4

Today I began constructing my final portfolio. It will be interesting to see what I can come up with, because I am not very familiar with word press and am not quite sure how to make my own blog. I might need to get some extra help to create my blog. Although, I have been […]

Reading Response #3 Fletcher Evilsizer

This reading starts out with a very strong metaphor for how change has happened throughout the last century. Caldwell states that the sixties were full of small incremental changes as compared to the eighties which were like a polaroid picture, change was happening you just had to let it develop. Then he refers to todays […]

Locative Media Review Fletcher Evilsizer

I think everyone seemed to encounter some sort of problem along the way when working on this project. Kelseys project was very good. The sounds she selected were extremely relevant to the areas she chose. I especially like the construction noises because there is a little bit of everything going on in the recording. It […]

Fletcher Evilsizer Blog Post 3

I have been putting in lots of thought about this project and how I am going to complete it. I want to record the sound of the UMC courtyard. As I was walking through this area yesterday there was a kid playing a guitar and I thought that might make for a perfect recording. Although, […]

Fletcher Evilsizer Reading Response

This reading gave me an extremely interesting insight into the digital world. Mitchell explains how cyber space isn’t necessarily a real space but just a place where people can group up on a software. This varies from chat rooms to interactive worlds in which people can explore known as Multi User Domains. The idea of […]

Fletcher Evilsizer Blog Post 2

This week I was mainly focusing on the Photo A day assignment. For this weeks pictures we had to take self portraits. I wanted to completely stray from the original selfie, so I had people take pictures of me when I was doing different activities. Most of the pictures taken of me were pictures of […]

Fletcher Blog post 1

As I began working on the found footage video last week I started messing around with the program premier. I had no former use of this program until last week but I still managed to conjure up a short video. With the found footage I wanted to make a short dark comedy about nuclear bombs […]

Fletcher Reading Response 1

The writing done by A.O Scott on The Screening of America was very interesting and progressive. In Scotts writings he explains how new media is changing. He begins to explain how new media is changing by his personal experience of watching “Its A Wonderful Life”. Scott says that when he was watching this film on […]