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Blog post #4

For this weeks blog post i will be discussing the final portfolio project. I have made some progress on it, like choosing which photos i want to add and thinking about what i will want to talk about for the paragraphs for each project. I have enjoyed reflecting on all of the projects we have […]

Reading Response #5

For this weeks reading response i chose to write about “Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking”, by Nichols. He begins the chapter by saying all films are documentaries and describes the two types of film: (1) documentaries of wish fulfillment and (2) documentaries of social representation. Documentaries of wish fulfillment are usually fiction […]

Blog Post #3

The assignment i am currently working on is the Photo-a-day #7 project. I have taken photos from the ground level perspective for each day this week. I enjoyed this weeks assignment because normally we do not think to take pictures from this perspective. I usually hardly see photos taken from the ground level perspective but […]

Locative media app review

Eli Fuchs   CMDP 1400   9 November 2017   App Review   My partner for this project was Stephen Calcott. My partner’s project was very well put together and he seemed to be able to complete it without much worry. Some issues he encountered when working on this project included fixing the codes for […]

Reading Response #3

The reading i will be discussing in this weeks reading response is “Picture This: The Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices”, by Lisa Gye. She talks about how the development of camera phones allows people to be able to communicate through photos. Because most of us always have our phones on us, […]

Reading Response #4

The article i chose to write about in this weeks reading response is Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences, by Michael Longford. He begins by explaining what the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN) is. The MDCN is a national collaborative research network that explores the connections between human beings urban and wilderness settings, and […]

Reading Response #2

Eli Fuchs Reading Response CMDP 1400   The reading I chose to write about for this week’s reading response was Erickson – Documentary with Ephemeral Media: Curation Practices in Online Social Spaces. I chose this topic because I found it to be the most interesting out of all of the readings from this week. This […]

Blog Post #2

  Eli Fuchs Blog Post #2   The Photo-a-day assignment for this week is self-portraits. At first I thought the idea was to just take pictures of ourselves and post them but I realized it can mean so much more than that. I had trouble thinking of things that I could take pictures of that […]

Blog post #1

Eli Fuchs CMDP 1400 9/21/17   Blog Post #1   A current project that we are working on in class is the photo-a-day project. Last week’s theme was college/dorm life and I really enjoyed taking pictures of things I normally wouldn’t have. I successfully took a photo every day and uploaded it to the flickr […]