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Blog 5- Kelsey Cloud

For the final portfolio I have definitely made more progress since the last blog post last Friday. Since last Friday, I have designed the layout of my website and have organized every section in a creative way. I’ve made my entire home page, which consists of a slideshow of pictures and gifs that relate to […]

Blog 4- Kelsey Cloud

In regards to the Final Portfolio I have made a good amount of progress in the organization of my WordPress and organizing the details of how I’m going to talk about aspects of the semester in a succinct, concise way. In the introduction, I have chosen which photo I’m going to use and have written […]

Reading Response 4- Kelsey Cloud

In Friedberg’s “Urban Mobility and Cinematic Visuality”, she describes the idea of automobility, or the combination of urban mobility and automative visuality. Specifically, in Los Angeles, spectatorship in the car increased, as the city seemed to be shaped around screens facing cars. Driving was a form of flanerie, as the driver replays urban fluidity of […]

Kelsey Cloud’s Review of Fletcher Evilsizer’s Project

For Fletcher Evilsizer’s project, he chose the UMC as his location, and took listeners through the space through different ambient and narrative sounds. I did not have trouble getting it to work, and thought that he was creative and funny when the narrative was asking someone if they’ve filled out their ballots yet. I thought […]

Reading Response 3- Kelsey Cloud

Peter Lunenfeld, in his chapter “Unfinished Business”, describes how technologically advanced our society is and that technology is never finished.  He defines the difference between a naïve realist and a networked idealist, explaining how the former hates technology and the latter integrates their lives with it. He conveys how many works of art, literature, movies, […]

Blog #3- Kelsey Cloud- Locative Media

In all honesty, I am struggling with the locative media project. While I understand conceptually how things are supposed to work, I don’t understand a lot of the logistics and specifics of how to use technology to achieve my goals. As of right now, I have a foundation of ideas that I want to use […]

Reading Response 3: Replacing Place- Kelsey Cloud

William Mitchell, in his article “Replacing Place”, describes the ways in which the convergence of electronic communications and the personal computer has created a cyberspace that consists of alternate realities and online environments. Computer programs have created virtual realities where participants can create their own online worlds, a new identity, and interact with others all […]

Reading Response 2: Kelsey Cloud- Picture This

  Lisa Gye’s “Picture This” examines the ways in which camera phones enable new modes of personal photography. Camera phones, according to Gye, are extending the ways we capture, store and disseminate personal photographs and that chances how we understand who are are and our memories. She underlines the reasons why people take personal photographs- […]

Blog #2: Found Footage Assignment

Using Adobe Photoshop Pro I’ve started to piece together the ideas and materials I’m going to use for my Found Footage assignment. When first given the prompt, I immediately loved the idea of making a music video for a dubstep song that had visuals that had nothing to do with the artist, song, or genre […]

Blog #1: Photo a Day

The Photo a Day assignment that challenges students to take a picture a day every day for the length of the semester has thus far been a really engaging assignment for me. When I was originally told to take a picture every day for a semester I was really intimidated (and frankly still am), but […]