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Blog post #5 -Tyler Chan

Self censorship through social media platforms are different between every person. While some people will post themselves engaging in endless debauchery, some people try and keep those activities off of the internet in hopes of being more “professional”. For me personally, my level of self censorship depends on what social media I’m using. I personally […]

Blog Post #4- Tyler Chan

This week taking pictures of a still object proved to be slightly harder than I thought it would be. I found it especially hard to hold objects while trying to make them in focus on the iPad. It was not until multiple tries of me standing shaking my object and trying to focus the camera […]

Reading Response #5 – Tyler Chan

The article Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences by Michael Longford invoked a lot of thought on where we are headed with the use of smart phones and cell phones. While it’s been a while since we have seen any new revolutionary applications for smart phones, this article ensures us that we are just […]

Reading Response #4 – Tyler Chan

I found the article Warcraft Adventures: Texts, Replay, and Machinima in Game Based Storyworld particularly interesting for many reasons. First of all, I admittedly did play not only World of Warcraft, but Warcraft III as well. In fact I am actually a huge fan of all games that the company Blizzard creates. That being said, […]

Blog post #3 – Tyler Chan

This week’s assignment taking photos from the ground up proved to be a harder task than I originally thought it would be. Some things I had difficulty with was focusing in on the subject of the photo. I also ran into some trouble with see exactly what I was taking a photo with on the […]

Reading Response #3 – Tyler Chan

The article Replacing Place gave us insight into how the internet is taking away from what real estate is traditionally suppose to do. It started with a brief summary of how people communicated online and then transitioned into how certain websites are able to attract more customers and keep them returning to their sites as […]

Reading Response #2 – Tyler Chan

The reading Picture This: the impact of mobile camera phones on Personal Photographic Practices highlights the reasons as to why people take photos, and then how the emergence of mobile phones with cameras has changed and evolved the way in which people take photos. People take photos because it serves as a certificate of authenticity. […]

Blog Post #2 – Tyler Chan

This weeks photo assignment was a little bit harder than the prior week’s. While taking pictures of anything made sense when taking pictures of college life, I actually had to put a little more effort into taking photos of family. Because my immediate family is two states away in California, I’d consider my closes friends […]

Blog post #1 – Tyler Chan

This past week we were assigned to take a picture everyday of college or dorm life. At first, I had some trouble thinking of ideas that would be considered “college life”. Then I realized that because I am in college basically anything I take a picture of could be considered college life. Because of this, […]

Reading response #1- Tyler Chan

The reading Ways of Seeing by Berger taught us how the perspectives and portrayals of paintings and images have evolved over time. All photos, whether they are painted or captured through a camera show whatever it is being captured through the perspective of the painter or photographer. The painter or photographer can choose to take […]