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Blog Post #5 Anthony Camacci

So far, I have made decent progress on the final portfolio. Picking out photos from my flickr was actually a harder decision than I thought it would be. Besides that, my biggest concerns are incorporating a class theme into my project. Also, how I will display my locative media project. I’m still not sure what […]

Blog Post 4 Anthony Camacci

This weeks theme for the photo a day project was to bring an object of significance to take pictures of. I couldn’t think of an object at first so I tried thinking about something other than my phone or my clothes that I thought I took more care of than something I would consider normal. […]

Reading Response 5 Anthony Camacci

In the McCarthy reading, she explains how public objects can also be private. One example she talks about is tvs in public. In restaurants and airports, theres tvs facing the customers at a restaurant or people waiting for their plane to arrive, then theres tvs facing the people working behind the counter or kiosk. This […]

Locative Media Partner Review Anthony Camacci

My partner Max had sounds pinned mainly near the middle of campus with a pin near the UMC, ENVD, Folsom and Norlin. We had our projects both working one day and ended up not running the next so luckily we were able to experience each others projects while we could. What I thought was interesting […]

Reading Response #4 Anthony Camacci

In Henry Logwoods’ ” Warcraft adventures” He talks about how the game World of warcraft can turn into a narrative. More recently known as machinima, is a type of narrative told through a video game or 3d world. This can extends engagement with audiences by creating narratives through a specific game like World of Warcraft […]

Blog post #3 Anthony Camacci

So far my progress with the locative music project is going decently well. I don’t really have any experience with garage band so I’ve been spending a majority of my time trying to figure out how it works and what buttons do what. Im getting more used to how it all works, but I think […]

Reading response #3 Anthony Camacci

In the reading “What Happened to our Audience?,” the authors state that people, more specifically young adults from ages 18-24 are leaving their radios behind for newer technology such as mp3 players, streaming music and other sources. These ages were picked because the researchers were expecting a high amount of the subjects to in fact […]

Reading response #2 Anthony Camcci

In this weeks reading “The Media Equation How People Treat Computers, Television, and New Media like Real People and places,” authors Reeves and Nass make the point that you’re more likely to be polite to someone asking about him or herself compared to an independent person asking the same question. The example they gave in […]

Blog post #2 Anthony Camacci

My progress for the found footage project so far has honestly been slow. I guess my problem is being able to pick a clip or a few that would go well together. Despite everything there is on the internet, I still am having a problem being able to pick out a few select clips for […]

Blog post #1

As of now, I would say my progress with the photo a day project is going well. I have been able to keep up and post a photo almost everyday, occasionally posting two a day. My biggest success has been not running out of ideas to take pictures of. After the fourth or fifth picture […]