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Sam Brown Blog Post #5

This was our final week of class before finals week. Instead of a final exam, we have a final project worth a large percentage of our grade. The final project was to create a website showcasing all of our personal projects from throughout the semester. The guidelines to the project were pretty straight forward, which […]

Sam Brown Blog Post #4

The past few weeks in class we have been working on our final portfolio websites. The website contains several of our projects from over the semester, all compiled into one platform where all your work can be viewed. I really like this project and the idea of it because there were no real guidelines to […]

Sam Brown Blog Post #3

For this production assignment, I taught all of you how to train your very own squirrel. I filmed this short tutorial at my friend’s house and edited within Premiere Pro. This was quite the challenge to film because squirrels are next to impossible to work with. Another challenging aspect was the length. Because it had […]

Sam Brown Reading Response #3

During week 7 we read an article titled, “Picture This: The Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices” by Lisa Gye. This article was a very eye opening article and brought up many valid points. It talks about the art of personal photography, and how it is being changed or altered due to […]

Sam Brown Reading Response #2

One of the articles I read during week 6 was, “The Death of The Cyberflaneur” by Evgeny Morozov. I was very intrigued by this article and I connected to it in a special way. In a nutshell, the article was about the transformation of flânerie into Cyberflânerie through our changing society. Flânerie is the act […]

Blog Post #1: Sam Brown

The project we are currently working on is the photo-a-day project. The goal of the project is to take 1 photo per day of something relating to the weekly topic. Our first week the topic was college/dorm life and this week it was family based. Overall, I’ve had a great experience with this project so […]