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Reading Response #4 – Holly Brodowski

For this reading response, I chose to unpack Henry Lowood’s “Warcraft Adventures.” I have seldom participated in online gaming, although, I do remember in around 2010 I used to play ‘Runescape’ pretty often with friends. That was many years ago though and the world of online gaming has since become just that…it’s own world. It has its […]

Blog Post #3 – Holly Brodowski

Truthfully, the locative media handout confused me more than it informed me, but from what I gathered from it, I have a few ideas. I believe (don’t kill if I’m wrong) that through the aid of audio tracks we are supposed to give a sort of tour in a public space on campus. Similar to my […]

Blog Post #2 – Holly Brodowski

The first week of the photo-a-day assignment felt forced and unnatural, but now that we’re onto the second week things are starting to settle in. Week one consisted mostly of forgotten photo opportunities and spending time brainstorming what could communicate ‘dorm/college life.’ Although this week’s theme was a bit more difficult, I felt myself noticing […]

Blog #1 – Holly Brodowski

When I first heard that our Photo-a-Day photos were going to be taken with iPads I could not, for the life of me, get the image of iPad selfies out of my head (some examples attached). While I have never personally taken an iPad selfie, nor even a normal picture with the iPad, I thought […]

Reading Response #1 – Holly Brodowski

John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” aims to explain the interaction between humans and what we “see.” I put see in quotations because as Berger explains in the excerpt, “the way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe. Berger also describes how technology, specially the invention of the camera, affects the […]