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Blog #5 Jack Benziger

I have been gradually working away at my final portfolio, because if I have worked to long on the website my brain starts to run out of creative ideas to add. I have had fun put together this final portfolio, this isn’t my first but I like the element of a website as the product. […]

Blog post #4 Jack Benziger

For our current production assignment I am working on my final portfolio for this class as a whole. I have started to think about how I will construct my website by simply drawing it out on a piece of paper how the site will function alongside with displaying the media. For the photos that we […]

Reading Response #5

I choose to write about the article Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences by Michael Longford talks about the applications of technology, space, and places. Both projects in the article are talking about applications that use a cell phone and its ability to track GPS coordinates. This strongly relates to our locative media project, because […]

Reading Response #4 Jack Benziger

In Peter Lunenfield Digital Dialectic he talks about unfinished business around the world, and how they contribute to the real and the ideal. The real and the ideal are two components to the progression of our technologies and their repercussions that impact other progressions to other parts of our everyday lives. Computers have played a very […]

Blog post#3 Jack Benziger

I have been thinking about this assignment for a little bit, because of the delay of app but have some good ideas already for this project. I just started our locative media production assignment with the use of our iPad we were given. I just got the app on the iPad and I am very […]

Reading Response # 3 Jack Benziger

In the reading by William Mitchell Replacing Place he talks about how places have been transformed by the digital age into cyberspaces as well as physical spaces. Cyberspace always people to communicate with one another with being in the same space physically. With the improvements of the internet cyberspaces have been multiplied and in the present […]

Reading Response #2 Jack Benziger

For this reading response I choose to reflect on Colonialism and Built space of cinema in Nigeria, and how it relates to my past experiences with movie theaters and cinema. In Nigeria in the 1980’s was when they were fully introduced to the cinema as a built space you would go and experience the movies […]

Blog #2 Jack Benziger

For this assignment I struggled to try to truly represent family without being around my family that much. So I capture mostly some images of my friends skiing. This is what family I could represent during the time frame of the assignment, being on the mountain with my friends has a very special meaning to […]

Blog #1 – Jack Benziger

With this week’s photo – of – the – day assignment, it was the first time I had to use an iPad for taking photos. It is a bit limiting when it comes to its abilities, the most frustrating part is the focus on the photos. I come from a background of digital cameras ranging […]

Reading response #1 – Jack Benziger

In the Ways of Seeing written by John Berger, he talks about different perspectives in which we see our daily lives. Berger refers to the Renaissance era as a time where people saw things that we see now, but through a different lens. In the Renaissance era they did not have any photography technology that allowed […]