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Blog Post #5 Avery Woods

In regards to my final project I am now past the basic formatting of the website. I am now more concerned with choosing the best content for my tumblr that will provide good examples for answering the discussion questions. For example, I will show how my eye has changed throughout the year by highlighting photos that […]

avery Woods Blog #4 Final Portfolio

For the final portfolio project I have decided to create a Tumblr page to display my work from this past semester. I used to be really familiar with Tumblr in middle school, even manually coding in themes and adding soundtracks to my blog but I have not used the sight since then. Therefore, I’m confident that […]

Avery Woods_ reading response #5 Longford

The work “territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences” was written by Michael Longford of Concordia University. The passage focuses on The Mobile Digital Commons Network or MDCN. The MDCN is described as “a national collaborative research network launched in 2004 by the Banff New Media Institute and Concordia University.” Longford explains this program is […]

Avery Woods Locative Media Project and Review

I really enjoyed Emily’s locative media project, it was upbeat and very entertaining. Emily’s project was especially creative because she took a journalistic approach by giving the listener an “inside guide” to the Cheyenne Arapahoe dorm. One of my favorite parts of her audio was how she offered tips and tricks to someone who might […]

Reading Response #4 Avery Woods_Lunenfeld_The Digital Dialectic

In part One of Peter Lunenfeld’s “The Digital Dialectic” he describes the relationship between the real and ideal as “the oldest dialectic paring,” that plays a role in the “language we are developing to describe new media.” He connects the term “naive realist” to individuals who are “refusing to concede that technologies manifest human creativity. […]

Blog Post #3 Avery Woods

For the locative media project I have decided to use the UMC fountains and the overpass between the UMC and the chemistry building. I chose this location because the way the overpass creates a tunnel of shadows that leads to the light and the open airy feeling the fountains bring. So far I have an […]

Reading Response #3 Avery Woods__Gye’s Picture This

Lisa Gyes’ Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices proposed that camera phones “extend” the way people see and understand the world. She claims that “ camera phones are both extending existing personal imaging practices and allowing for the evolution of new kinds of imaging practices.” In a simpler sense […]

Reading Response #2 Avery Woods_ Ribak’s Remote Control

This article was written by Rivka Ribak and is titled, “Remote control, umbilical cord and beyond: The mobile phone as a transitional object.” In this essay, Ribak “investigates mobile phone use as a medium of inter-generational communication,” specifically between parents and Israeli teenagers. She analyzes the connections between parents, mobile phones, and teens and refers to this […]

Blog Post #2 Avery Woods

This week we are focusing on the Vine project. I am especially interested in working with Vine because I think social media is a platform that will continue to grow and I want to be up to speed on the matter. It’s exciting to take a class that is geared towards contemporary media because we get […]

Blog Post #1 Avery Woods

I just successfully submitted my first seven photos to Instagram and Flickr. I thought the assignment at first glance seemed simple, but I can admit I was a little surprised. I think my main struggle is being uncomfortable with taking pictures on the iPad. I’ve always used a DSLR, so every picture I took just […]